Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bless Your Heart

Southern girls love to sip a coca cola and bless people's hearts.  Down South, you hear this phrase thrown around all the time.  However, I can certainly understand why some people are confused over the meaning of this phrase. Nowadays, Southerners drop the phrase constantly...and not in a kind way--"She shouldn't be wearing that short skirt, bless her heart!"  This is one I hear all the time--"He's wearing cargo shorts, bless his heart!"

  I grew up with a Mama who would always say "Bless your little heart" whenever I was ill, or "Bless Margie's heart, she just lost her husband of 60 years!"  I never once heard her use the phrase as a backhanded insult or to be rude.   "Bless your heart" should be used in a sincere way to express genuine love, pity, or sympathy.

Today, I'm using my "Bless Your Heart" koozie...I love the Southern Girl Collection at the Feathered Nest Boutique.  Kathryn, the owner, is a native of Peach County, Georgia and now resides in Athens, Georgia.  She offers lots of cute loot on her Etsy shop and the items from the Southern Girl Collection are must-haves to show your love for all things Southern! 

These neoprene koozies come in nine designs, fit standard-sized cans and bottles, and fold flat for easy storage.  Talk Southern to me!

Kathryn's mother painted the design for the "Little Miss Southern Charm" teesVery Southern and very cute!

Now don't y'all need this iPhone case?!  "Southern girls love their sweet tea, mamas, and monograms!"  Yes ma'am we do love all three!

The Cute Mason Jar design also comes in a koozie...monogrammed, of course!

And to coordinate with the rest of the collection, you need the sunglasses straps!

Y'all be kind!  Check out the Feathered Nest Boutique on Facebook and Instagram also!


Mona said...

Miss Janice, I'm in total agreement with the "Bless your heart" sentiment.

Miss Janice said...

Bless your heart Mona!