Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Palace of the South

I have admired this print of the antebellum Hay House which has hung in Mama's family room for many years. Last week I had a chance to attend a Christmas Lunch and Tour of the spectacular Hay House in Macon, Georgia.  The four level, 18,000 square foot home is crowned by a three-level cupola. Known as The Palace of the South, it has all the grandeur you would expect from a Southern mansion built in 1855.

The home was decked out for the Christmas holidays with many Christmas trees and lots of festive garland adorning the mantels and stairways.

The Music Room/Art Gallery was set for lunch which was delicious.  Background music was by Caleb Esmond, a talented eleventh grader from Macon who hopes to pursue collaborative piano and piano composition after high school.

The Johnston-Felton-Hay House, often abbreviated Hay House, was built in 1855 by William Butler Johnston and his wife Anne Tracy Johnston in the Italian Renaissance Revival style.  The home was sold to Mary Ellen Johnston and her husband Judge William H. Felton in 1896.  Maude and Parks Lee Hay bought the home in 1926 and after the death of Mrs. Hay in 1962, the home was turned into a house museum.

The home has 24 rooms, full of beautiful art, ornate period furnishings, stunning silver, and exquisite stained glass.  It's still in the process of being restored, which I'm sure is an on-going process.  There are secret hiding rooms, a wine cellar, a larder, chandeliers fit for a palace, and of course unbelievably beautiful architectural detail.

Photography was not allowed during lunch or during the tour.  I did find some photos of the interior on the web and wanted to share them with y'all.

I did sneak a photo of a table set for tea...and my outfit.  I'm wearing a very comfy animal print dress with a cowl neck, by Tyler Boe.  My ballet flats and pocketbook are Chanel.

The Hay House reminds me of the elegance of a bygone era.  I can't wait to return for another visit to this beautiful home so I can study all the silver, china, and every little nook and cranny!

If you are traveling through the Macon area, make sure you visit this home.  It's located at 934 Georgia Avenue, Macon, Georgia.  For additional information regarding tours or events, call 478.742.8155.


Mona said...

Don't you just love to tour the historic sites? Thank you for sharing.

Miss Janice said...

Yes I do Mona and this one is gorgeous!