Tuesday, December 30, 2014

After Christmas

Well, all my Christmas decor is down and the house looks so bare and empty.  

I decided to keep my cotton boll wreath up...for now.  I rehung it in a new spot over the sideboard.  My house has been decorated with lots of holiday decor since right after we moved in...first Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  So now, without the extra fanciness to fill in empty spots, I'm really going to have to focus in January to pull things together.  I can't wait to find some more cute loot to help make it warm and cozy.  There are so many places in Georgia to shop for french country goodies and the hunt is the best part!

Today I browsed through this book by Carolyn Westbrook, The French Inspired Home.   My Georgia home is ever-so humble (and that's just fine with me), but I still love to look at pretty pictures and somehow bring in little bits of french style to "The Roost." Ms. Westbrook is the author of several home decor books:  Carolyn Westbrook Home, Through the French Door, and a Romance with French Living.

If you like French decor, you will love all her books because they are all full of pretty pictures!  Thank you for visiting with me today.


Lauren T said...

I think smaller, well-decorated homes are the best. I love that wreath, too!

Lisa Bolling said...

The wreath is lovely! I am on a quest to re-decorate my home. I love French country and some shabby chic. And, just as you stated, the hunt is the best part.
I hope you will share your finds with us.
Blessings for a Happy New Year!

Net - "It's a Wonderful Movie" said...

Happy Days after Christmas to you Miss Janice. It is sad to see all the lovely decorations go after the holidays, isn't it?

God bless you & Have a Blessed, Happy New Year! Net

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Miss Janice said...

Thanks Lauren. Small homes = less work!

Miss Janice said...

Hi Lisa,
Thank you and I will share any finds for sure!

Miss Janice said...

Yes it is sad. I hope you have blessed New Year too!