Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Lane Southern Orchards

I'm trying to get settled in my new home in Georgia.  I have been lost in a sea of boxes full of loot that needs to be organized and since I'm OCD, I insist on unpacking everything myself.  It all has to be put away just so so.  My other house in Mississippi has a HUGE master closet...but this one--I am having to be creative and weeding out so many clothes.

I took a break from it all and headed over to Fort Valley to check out the famous Lane Southern Orchards.  It's peach season and I was craving anything peachy!  Lane's is big tourist destination for those living in Georgia and travelers going up/down I-75.  They have everything peach and pecan that you can think of!

It was a slow day for porchin'...cause it's like 150 degrees in Georgia!

I headed to the Peachtree Cafe & Bakery and had some lunch...Fried Pecan Crusted Catfish!  I'm not off to a good start with my plan to eat Southern fried foods in moderation.  It was delicious.

Their peach tea is fabulous!  To be honest, I split it up cause it was super sweet...half unsweetened tea, half peach tea.  That was perfect.

I splurged even further and ordered the peach ice cream...the petite size.  Oh my goodness gracious...this was delicious too.  

I headed into the store, which was busy with locals and tourists shopping.  Of course, their fresh Georgia peaches looked good, so I got some of those.

They have ciders, spices, jellies, sauces, breads, and everything you can think of with peaches and pecans. 

But wait, they also sell cute loot!  Itsa Girl Thing tees!

I love these tees with all the cute Southern sayings!

Last night I brought out my latest addition to my "Prissy Apron Collection."

I baked the famous Peach Cobbler from Lane Orchards...well, I put the frozen cobbler in the oven and turned it on, so I baked it, right?  This cobbler was a hit with the family and definitely much better than I could have made myself.  Mama asked if I used her recipe.  "Uh, no ma'am, it's from Lane's!"  She gave me a look like "Why didn't you make it yourself?"  Then she told me that she loved it.

I love living these fabulous peach and pecan orchards...I can't wait to go back to Lane's and get a bunch of pecan stuff!

Thanks for dropping by y'all!


Lauren T said...

I love peaches, too...can't wait to see how you decorate your new house!

Donna said...

Everything looks so good! Yes, can't wait to she how you've worked your magic in the new home. There's not a thing wrong with wanting things just right.

Mona said...

Miss Janice, you are a Georgia peach! I'm OCD as well, and totally understand about things being just so. Looking forward to when you're all settled in, and post the housewarming photos of your new roost. xx

Miss Janice said...

It's kind of the same as my previous home. Just a few changes.

Miss Janice said...

Miss Donna,
It's our comfy retirement home (hopefully) and nothing special. Also, near my Mama!

Miss Janice said...

Needed to be closer to my Mama!

Miss Janice said...

You are so sweet!