Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cell Phone Etiquette

July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month, founded by Jacqueline Whitmore, of The Protocol School of Palm Beach.

Cell phones have become an integral part of our lives.  With all the apps available on our phones, the little gadgets are becoming indispensable and we use them to connect with the world.

These are a few reminders about Cell Phone Etiquette:

~Turn your cell phone to the "Manners Mode" {silent/vibrate} in public places;  i.e., meetings, churches, restaurants, and public forums.

~If you are expecting an important phone call, if possible, let others know and step away to receive the's an etiquette faux pas to have a phone conversation in front of others.

~Don't talk loudly on the phone in a public's a phone, not a megaphone.

~Don't use vulgar language and don't talk about personal information in public...think before you talk!

~It's inappropriate to use a cell phone in a public's tres tacky!

~Don't talk on your cell phone when you are paying for purchases.  I see this happening all the is so disrespectful to the cashier!

~Texting and driving is against the law in most states and has proven to be very dangerous...don't do it!


eHa said...

Thank you! I will have to share this with my dad! He used to be an emergency room surgeon so he got used to leaving his cellphone on all the time and answering it anywhere at any time (there was a good chance it was an emergency)! But now he mostly does administrative work so there are no emergencies and he could leave his phone on vibrate because it would be okay if he didn't return the call right away but he still leave the ringer on all the time and answers the phone immediately because that's what he's used to.

NikkiL said...

Thanks for this. Recently my husband and I were in a restaurant and observed a sad sight. A family of 6 sitting at a table. No one was speaking to each other. They were all texting. The waitress tried several times to take their order but no one acknowledged her presence. She finally asked loudly if anyone wanted something to eat. Only the mother looked up briefly and said rather crossly, "in a minute". We were served and leaving before they even ordered. Then they went right back to their phones. Sad.