Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Trip To The Miss USA Pageant

I was beyond excited to attend the Miss USA 2013 pageant while in Las Vegas last week!  I have already seen Celine Dion and Elton John and the other shows were not my style.  We stayed at Caesar's, which a just a short stroll from the pageant venue at Planet Hollywood.

My ticket to the best event in town!

I wore my St. John Knits suit and was totally not-dressed-flashy-enough!

My accessories for the evening...Ralph Lauren pageant pumps and Jack Rogers walkers, Tory Burch purse, St. John Knits necklace and earrings, Rolex dressy watch, and my Cartier wedding band.

I had fun the day before the pageant...stalking all the girls.  I cannot tell y'all how tall and skinny all the girls are.  I don't think they ever eat!

The night of the final event, I enjoyed champagne at the Halo Bar, just outside of the showroom.  I was surrounded by beautiful girls.  They were all wearing their best pageant clothes, super high heels, sashes and perfect hair.  Pageant royalty was everywhere!

I got to chat briefly with Miss Mississippi Teen USA.  She was perfect.  We both have lived in Southaven, Mississippi and we both love pageants.  Win Win!  BFF's.

Pretty girls wearing sashes...everywhere.  During the event, I sat next to a beautiful girl...I believe she was Miss Teen Arizona United States.  She was a little bitty pretty thing!

So here is the way I wanted it to go...

Miss Alabama, Mary Margaret McCord was my favorite going in.  She is just gorgeous!  Of course, she was first runner-up.

Miss South Carolina.  Va-Voom.  This girl is a knockout.  I wanted her to come in as first-runner up, but she was the 4th runner-up.

Of course, the winner of Miss USA 2013, Erin Brady is gorgeous, but I had her as being the 2nd runner-up.    

Marissa Powell, Miss Utah.  Oh dear...After her answer in the Q & A, I thought she would come in as 4th runner-up, but she came in as 3rd.  I could hear very loud gasps from the audience during her botched response.  Social media exploded with criticism and people making fun of her and her response has gone viral.  I cannot imagine how this girl feels after being heartbroken over losing the crown and then to hear people making fun of her.  It appears that she just "zoned out" during her response.  These things happen when someone is given an "off the cuff" question.

Miss Illinois, Stacie Juris was not even in my top 15.  She came in as 2nd runner-up!

It was an amazing night and definitely the highlight of my trip to Vegas!  I'll be back later with more from my Palm Springs and Vegas trip.


I Do Declare said...

How fun! I love that you got to be there for Miss USA! A few of my friends and I used to gather together for pageant parties.

Christine @ Suburban Charm said...

A night full of glamour! Love your outfit....so stylish. Sounds like you are having a wonderful trip!

Dee Stephens said...

I went to Miss Teen USA 2xs when I was in Jr. High b/c it was in Biloxi. I was all about glitz back then. Me and my bestie would be decked out and my parents would drop us off! Even then, I would snap photos like it was going out of style with my disposable KODAK camera!! lol!!! So fun Miss J!!

Gramspearls said...

Miss Janice,
You lucky lady! Thank you for sharing. I am so pleased about your comment regarding the unfortunate response by one of the contestants. Everyone has been so unkind about that beautiful and gracious contestant!
We should all take a moment and think about the stress and pressure they are all under and who amoung us doesn't loose our train of thought, once in a while, under normal circumstances? You looked, as always, classy and lovely.

Warmly, Kathleen

Better Government said...

Oops - Erin Brady was Miss Connecticut, the winner. Miss Utah is the one that flubbed her answer. I had Utah pegged as THE winner until her final question. Poor thing. Folks will be watching that on youtube for years to come.

Better Government said...

Ummm....I have to clarify that the comment above is from KATHIE Truitt...just using hubby's computer.He normally doesn't discuss pageant results - hee-hee.

Miss Janice said...

Thanks Kathie, I did mix up the names in my haste! Shame on moi! I'll go change it later today.