Friday, February 15, 2013

Since I've Been Gone...

Here's some of the outfits I wore while I was in Georgia visiting with Mama.

This is a black Ralph Lauren vest I wore with jeans and an ivory turtleneck.  The black tote is Ralph Lauren as is the orange tote scarf.  Adding more 'bit' to the outfit, I wore the gold Ralph Lauren bracelet along with my my monogrammed earrings and my Rolex.

I wore this outfit on a prissy day with Mama.  The pocketbook, shoes, and headband are all Ferragamo.  The blouse and cardi are J Crew.  The skirt is very old...I think Talbot's?

This is the reverse side of the Ralph Lauren vest from the first outfit, which I wore with a black turtleneck, camel jeans, and black tote...all by Ralph Lauren.  Comfy monogrammed clogs!  Look for this Ralph Lauren vest to be offered in my "Closet Sale" next Monday!

Another prissy day with Mama...The blouse and cardi are J Crew and I'm not sure where this skirt is from.  The pocketbook and pumps are by Ferragamo.  The earrings are Givenchy, the gold watch is by Rolex, and I wore a monogrammed ring and my Cartier wedding band.

Last Sunday, I wore a red turtleneck and black houndstooth jacket, from Belk's.

I wore a red wool tee, jeans, and a Princess Dianna tartan scarf.  The pocketbook is by Brighton, the ballet flats and 2 silver rings are all Chanel, the wedding band is Cartier, and the bracelet is by Tiffany.

I love this little skirt by Lilly which I wore with a black turtleneck and black Cochni ballet flats.  I carried my black 2.55 Chanel bag and wore silver monogrammed earrings, ring, and necklace, along with my Cartier wedding band and Rolex.  Look for this skirt to be offered in my "Closet Sale" next Monday.

Gucci tote and ballet flats, with a green turtleneck and jeans and a cute monogrammed scarf by Marley Lilly. I wore Tory Burch earrings and my Cartier wedding band.

Double-breasted blazer with the gold monogrammed buttons and a Burberry scarf and tote.

Yesterday I wore red gingham and pearls!  The pearls and cardi are both J Crew.  The ballet flats are by Cochni, the red skinny belt is from Target, the jeans are Ralph Lauren, and the cute little red gingham blouse is from eBay!

I am so blessed to have been able to spend time with my Mama up in Georgia.  Thanks to all y'all who have asked about her.  She is doing fine and we are so grateful to God that we still have her!

I'm spending the day today unpacking and answering e-mails.  I came home with much more loot that I left with and really need to spend the weekend weeding out my closet.  On Monday, I will have a "Closet Sale"...see y'all then!  


annie said...

Welcome home!
I hope you had a lovely visit with your mother.
All wonderful outfits, but I am really taken with the Burberry and blue blazer. Very pretty together.
Have a fun weekend.

Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

Such a wonderful thing, time with your Mama! Looks like you were styled swell for your visit. I have missed your posts!

Love and Hugs,
Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

My Cherie Amour said...

As a fellow Georgian, there is no place like home. I missed your blog, but precious time with your loved one's is VERY IMPORTANT.

Unknown said...

Long ago I read an etiquette book that instructed that necklaces were to be worn next to the skin. Has that changed?

Miss Janice said...

I've never read that. Hmmm, maybe I should investigate!

Merry Wife said...

Always love to see your outfits, Miss Janice! That pearl + gingham combo is especially cute.

Unknown said...

I love that Houndstooth jacket!! Thought I'd stop by today. I'm so connected through social media, I rarely get by to read up on the blog. Have a wonderful weekend!

Kathie Truitt said...

I love everything and even have some of these - I LOVE my J Crew pearls, too. You're always so ladylike. I love that about you.

free2b said...

you are a living doll! love all the outfits

Alison said...

I have serious closet envy Miss J. You have the nicest things.

Ali x

Tikaa Herridge-Cone said...

Loving all your outfits! Happy to hear your Momma is doing well.
Have a great week.