Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine Cards

If you followed my blogposts in January during "National Hot Tea Month," I blogged about "Times for Tea". Tea time is anytime, however, there certain names for special times of the day to take tea.

"Elevenses" is my personal favorite. It is a mid-morning break with tea and maybe crumpets with jam. Well today, I'm writing my Valentine messages and sipping some delicious Harney 'Valentine's Blend' tea. It's really getting me into the Valentine's spirit!
The teapot...I'm using a teapot for one--I purchased this little pot at the Magnolia & Ivy Tearoom in Destin, Florida {now closed}. I have placed a few heart-shaped cookie treats on the side of the saucer for convenience. It is perfectly proper to place a few dainty tea foods on the side of the tea saucer and especially convenient when you may be standing at a buffet-style tea or seated at your desk.
The writing instrument...Have you ever received a memorable Valentine gift? This ball pen, from the Santos de Cartier collection was a sweet gift to me years ago and y'all know I just love cute accessories! The screw motif decor with the Cartier signature is a discreet tribute to the encounter of the jeweller and the aviator Santos-Dumont in the early 20th century. Although I have several pieces from the Cartier 'Eternity' collection, I also adore this 'Love' design!
Valentine goodies...Chocolate, flowers, and sweet cards are all traditions on Valentine's Day. This day is not just for couples who are in love; it's for family and friends also. Remember that the day can be a thorn in the side of people who are not involved in a relationship, so try to think of those who might otherwise feel left out--send them a sweet card or just bake them some brownies, something simple to let them know you are thinking about them.

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Anonymous said...

Oh tea and crumpets - I go all goeey just thinking abut it - could eat them any time of day! Especially now its minus 3 outside! Lovely post Miss Janice!