Friday, March 25, 2011


This morning I hit the road for a brick and mortar shopping trip..."HERE'S WHAT I WORE." The khaki skirt is from Target, the white tee is from Lord knows where, and the navy cardigan is the 'Jackie cardigan' from JCrew.

The accessories...My navy blue 'Revas' by Tory Burch looked cute with the navy blue monogrammed Bermuda Bag. I wore my pearl necklace and pearl stud earrings, along with my 'Oyster Perpetual' watch by Rolex, and and my rollring wedding band by Cartier. My ponytail was adorned with a navy grosgrain ribbon and my fragrance for the day was 'Lauren' by Ralph Lauren.

I drove north on I-95 to Viera, Florida to have lunch and shop, shop, shop! Mimi's Cafe for lunch...haven't lunched there since my days in Palm Springs, California!

I chose the clam chowder soup to start...this is ONE of the reasons I eat carrots on most days and jog on others! It was creamy and decadent! Delish y'all:)

A little soup etiquette: The soup spoon is always placed on the right-hand side of the saucer...never left in the soup bowl.

I chose the crab cakes and mixed greens as my entree...very, very good y'all!

Since my days in Italy, {long story y'all} I have been totally addicted to espresso. It really is my hot caffeine drink of choice! I certainly needed the boost to keep me going during the afternoon shopaholic spree.

First stop...The Hobby Lobby! I stayed in this store for TWO HOURS y'all! I didn't want to miss a thing...ribbons, Easter decos, cardstock, plates, napkins, et cetera. Debit card meltdown. The Hobby Lobby is my favorite--I love them, but, Michael's Crafts doesn't hold a candle to this store!!! The Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays and I respect the owners for that...keeping the Sabbath holy.

Next stop, Cost Plus World Market. LOVE this store! Found a cute apron, some darlin' flatware, and some unique coasters. Y'all will see it all soon:)

Pit stop y'all!!! Chick-fil-A!!! Well, if you follow me on Twitter, you know that I gave up Diet Caffeine-Free Coke for Lent. But, I'm still good-to-go with the other Southern favorite--sweet tea. And...nobody does sweet tea better than Chick-fil-A! Worth the calories...yes ma'am!

On the way back home, I stopped at another long-time favorite...Ralph Lauren Polo! I bought a cute pearl bracelet..that's all! :)

The loot in the trunk...

So now it's almost midnight and I really should be asleep...I'm getting up at 5:00 a.m. for a mini-roadtrip to one of my favorite small towns in Florida--Mt. Dora. It's time for the annual Mt. Dora Spring Crafts Show. I'm soooo excited, 'cuz I love that little town and all the quaint shops! Off to bed I go.
Thank you for visiting with me!


Bama Girl said...

Miss Janice, I love your ensemble for the day and your shopaholic ways! A lady after my own heart! :-) Have a wonderful weekend! XOXO

Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

My hubby just cringes when the words Hobby Lobby come forth! Oh bless your heart do I "understand." I thinkg that place is simply girly Heaven on Earth. Your outfit of the day is quite cute as always. I wish I could be more like you and carry a smaller purse!

Mrs. Kindergarten

...just another preppy shopaholic said...

Looks like a fun shopping trip! The clam chowder and crab cakes look yummy! :)

Becky said...

I love, love, love Hobby Lobby! They always have exactly what I'm looking for. Don't you just love those days when you can shop til you drop? I did that last Saturday in Charleston! I spent 2 hours in Home Goods and loved every minute of it! You go girl!!
Have a great weekend!

Suburban Princess said...

Have a fun trip!

Lexilooo said...

I recently went to a Hobby Lobby for the first time! I loved it, and have a feeling I'll be back there many more times!

Also, clam chowdah is my favorite!

Town and Country House said...

Have so much fun in Mount Dora, my second hometown! Be sure to visit Reninger's, Village Antiques, and the Goblin Market--yum!

Tammy B said...

I like your outfit. Have they stopped making Lauren? I've been looking everywhere for a bottle and cannot find it. When I go to Murfreesboro, TN, I like to stop at Mimi's Cafe to eat quiche.

Sweet Carolina Girl said...

Fun day! I love Hobby Lobby too! I can easily spend hours in there!

Emily said...

Very cute outfit (as always!) I love Hobby Lobby & World Market... those two alone could have easily taken up my entire day!

Lori said...

Looking darling in your outfit! I must try Mimi's. They have one here in town, but I've never tried it. I have heard good things about it. Hope you had a great time in Mt. Dora.


Henley on the Horn said...

Wow, Miss Janice, you had a wonderful time!! I am so glad!:)

Kathie Truitt said... know who owns Chick-fil-a, don'tcha? Truitt Cathey.

Kathie Truitt

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

Oh Miss Janice, I know where you've been (that Polo store is a frequent stop for me!) Love sweet tea from Chick fil-A. And, I didn't know we had a Hobby Lobby two hours from here! You must email me and tell me where so I can go.....I MISS Hobby Lobby so much!