Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This week's photo was sent in by Rose at AHintofHome. While shopping at an antique store in Boone, North Carolina, she spotted the owner wearing...Lilly! That's Rose on the left standing next to the Lilly Lover--Charlene Headley. Thank you so much Rose for being on the lookout for Lilly...Y'all stop over and visit with Rose. Also, if you are ever in Boone, North Carolina, take a stroll through Antiques on Howard Street.


Y'all don't forget to e-mail me your Lilly photo...send it to me at Miss Janice {at} Miss Janice {dot} com. Thank you for stopping by today.


Sandra said...

Love this feature that you do ;-)

Melissa Miller said...

~Lovely Lilly photo Miss Janice! :)

PoshMomma said...

They both look lovely.

I always feel an instant bond when I meet someone wearing Lilly. I'm sure I would have gone home with an antique or two!!

bj said...

Dear Miss Janice,
I, too, love the features you show us.
Now, my dear one, I must say that I saw where you paid over $300.00 for one, O.N.E., pair of tennis shoes. When I saw that, I did blow sweet Texas coffee all over my computer screen. I had to re-read the line again, thinking, surely you meant you bought the FACTORY that made the tennis shoes!! haaaahhaaaa...I am kidding you! They are $300. cute and I would have done the same...but I would have had to hide them somewhere forever and ever, Amen! Mr. Sweet would have a heart attack.
Have a great day, lady.

Tootsie said...

this is such a cool idea girl!

Domestic Diva said...

Love this picture. Boone is so much fun.
Have a fabulous day!
xxxx me

What Kate Wore said...

Cute, cute, cute Miss Janice, we really like this one.

Smiles to you,

Unknown said...

Hello, Miss Janice,

Thank you so much for visiting Prep School 101 yesterday. I love meeting new online friends! Come back today and you'll see more of my little lady in her Lilly...

Have a fantastic weekend!

A Hint of Home said...

Hi Miss Janice,
Thanks so much for featuring this photo today.
I glad you had a wonderful time on your road trip with family.
Thanks for your kind comments on my latest post.