Friday, June 26, 2015

Umbrella Etiquette

The only thing that is keeping me from melting here in Middle Georgia is that it pretty much rains everyday.  I have a lot of cute umbrellas and of course I like to match them to my outfits.  The 'Checking In' print is one of my all time favorites and it looks cute with hot pink, turquoise, and lime green.

  Tonight I'm carrying it and wearing a 'Shorely Blue' outfit by Lilly Pulitzer.

Mama always said to never leave home without an umbrella.  Just make sure you practice proper umbrella etiquette:
  • Use an umbrella that is in proportion to your size.  Also, keep in mind that golf umbrellas belong on the golf course, not on the sidewalk.
  • Look around before you open your umbrella. 
  • Be prepared to maneuver your umbrella on a crowded sidewalk or when you encounter another person.
  • Close your umbrella before entering a building if possible or immediately after you are inside.  Always close your umbrella before entering cars/trains/buses.
  • Offer to share your umbrella with someone who left their umbrella at home.

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