Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wish List Wednesday

When the Lilly Pulitzer "Janice" dresses first came out, I just knew I had to have every single one!   This dress is a good fit for me and I like that it can be worn as a casual daytime dress (not for the workplace though) or dressed up for the evening with a shawl.  I have purchased many of these, but here's a few I passed by for some crazy reason.

This one is at the very top of my must-buy list in the "High Beams" pattern.

"She She Shells" is adorable cute to wear at the beach.

I love this "Lioness Patch" pattern...very preppy, very Lilly.

I'm ashamed that I ever let the "Cosmo Pink Mini Party Favors" get away.  This dress is simply adorable!

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