Saturday, November 2, 2013

Joyeux Anniversaire Marie Antoinette

Today is Marie Antoinette's birthday and I'm celebrating by relaxing in bed while watching the movie, starring Kirsten Dunst.  No football for me this afternoon...just sipping tea and nibbling on delectable tea foods.  

The September 2006 cover of Vogue featured an Annie Leibovitz photograph of Kirsten, who played Marie Antoinette in the film written and directed by Sofia Coppola.  The film was based on the life of the last Queen of France in the years leading up to the Revolution.  Filmed on location at the Palace of Versailles and the Petit Trianon, the film depicts a sympathetic view of Marie Antoinette.

 This photograph captures the signature poofy hairstyle and an extravagant costume worn by Dunst in the film.  It is no wonder that Milena Canonero won the Oscar for best costume design!  The entire film is filled beautiful creations worn by Dunst and other ladies.

Marie Antoinette
November 2, 1755 ~ October 16, 1793

Marie Antoinette was truly a lover of fashion...She had the finest gowns with panniers made of light fabrics and pastel colors.

She was always surrounded by a countless number of ladies-in-waiting...all dressed to the nines themselves!

The fabulous shoes worn in the film were designed by Manolo Blahnik...

Marie Antoinette was also known for her love of decadent pastries...the film would lead you to believe that she followed a diet of macarons and champagne! ooh la la

I set up a tray of goodies and a pot of 'Paris' tea in my bedroom to enjoy while I watched this beautiful movie...I never get tired of all the loveliness in this film!

Whenever I prepare afternoon for myself on a special occasion, I like to use the proper tea accoutrements....Tiered tea tray with a doily on each plate and silver serving pieces, a doily underneath my teacup, a tea serviette, and sugar tongs for the cubes.

The tea tray is filled with savories {quiche} on the bottom plate, scones/croissants on the middle plate, and sweets on the top.  The tea foods are eaten in that order...bottom to top.

I adore all of the Harney Teas, but 'Paris' is my absolute favorite!  It is a fruity black tea with vanilla and caramel flavors and a hint of lemony Bergamot.  It pairs well with traditional tea foods and is the perfect tea to enjoy in the afternoon.

Social Graces 101 etiquette tip:  Do not extend your pinkie finger when holding your teacup--it's considered an affectation and you'll end up looking like a mafia character.

Social Graces 101 etiquette tip:  One lump or two?  When sugar tongs are used for cubed sugar, remember that the tongs should never touch your tea and are placed by the sugar bowl/plate or draped over the handle of the sugar bowl/plate when not in use.

I've had a very relaxing Saturday afternoon.  Now, it's time to put away the prissy tea accoutrements and watch some football!  Thank you for visiting with me.


Gracie Beth said...

I love Marie Antoinette, the film, and Paris tea

The Silver Bunny said...

Hello, miss Janice! I went to Versailles on wednesday (still sorting out the photos to produce a half-decent post) but I didn't know this was Marie-Antoinette's birthday ! I love the whole set-up for your tea. Oh, and thank you for telling people about the little finger, you still see people doing that and it is odious, whether while holding a tea-cup or a Champagne glass !

Alison said...

One of my favourite Queens and such a tragic ending, both for her and thousands of other French citizens. I've made my husband promise that next year we WILL doing that weekend in Paris, including a trip to Versailles.

Ali x

Donna said...

What a great way to spend an afternoon! Love your little private tea party. Better popcorn with a movie.