Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lunch, Dessert, and Shopping in Savannah

On my way out of Savannah after my visit with my friend Joy, we decided to enjoy lunch downtown and of course, a little shopping.  You might not find B. Matthews restaurant when you google the top 10 spots for dining in Savannah, but it's a favorite among the locals. 

"HERE'S WHAT I WORE"  Trying to remain somewhat comfortable after consuming tons of Southern comfort food while in Savannah, I wore my "fat jeans" with a yellow Ralph Lauren oxford button down and an aqua Ralph Lauren crewneck, and aqua Lilly ballet flats.

Lord have mercy, I had shrimp and grits along with a Caesar salad.  If you are ever in Savannah...go to B. Matthews and order the shrimp and grits!

B. Matthews bistro, located at 325 East Bay Street, in the historic district of Savannah, serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.  I must confess that I really wanted to try their Black-Eyed Pea Cake time!

We decided to visit a spot for dessert that IS on the top 10 list of Savannah eateries--Back in the Day Bakery.  While cupcakes are their big draw, Back in the Day also serves a wide variety of sandwiches.

Back in the Day Bakery is a favorite of Paula Deen and after seeing several tweets about the the place from Paula's assistant Brandon Branch, I just knew I had to try it!  Of course, they have a cookbook available!

Back in the Day, located at 2403 Bull Street, serves breakfast and lunch.  It's decorated like an old-fashioned bakery from the 50's with a retail section full of vintage goodies.  The waitresses wear cute vintage aprons and the bakery is decorated in pastel tones.

Pretty antique chandeliers illuminate the bakery.

My cupcake was purse bliss...the cupcake was very moist and the icing was...just perfect!

We also stopped in to shop at Seaside Sisters.  I've shopped at this cute shop on Tybee Island before and love it.  I found some cute coastal serveware pieces.

Right around the corner from Back in the Day Bakery at 2819 Bull Street is the fabulous vintage furniture shop--Two Women and a Warehouse.  This shop is full of painted furniture and lively and colorful home furnishings.  I want to go back!!!! 

So now I'm visiting with my Mama.  I feel so blessed that I'm able to spend time with Mama.  Yesterday, we were having lunch at The Cracker Barrel and three sweet ladies stopped at our table to tell Mama how beautiful she looked.  They were so kind and will never know how special they made my Mama feel.  God bless them!  Their kind act reminded me of how much I miss the sweetness of Southern women and how they respect their elders!


John said...

You look awesome!

Tikaa Herridge-Cone said...

Looks like y'all had a great time. You looked precious, that lunch looked delicious and I would have drove head first into the cupcakes.


Preppy Sue said...

Looks like fun! I love Savannah, lots of fond memories stopping there on our way back and forth from South Florida to Connecticut. We would always dine at The Pirates' House :)

Suburban Princess said...

I love this! Savannah is on my bucket list - one of these years!

Laurie Tester said...

Beautiful as always! What a fabulous trip to Savannah. I love it there.

linda said...

Love you in this outfit! Turquoise and yellow are your colors!

Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

Wonderful times! You look fantastic and so do those cupcakes! Have a lovely visit with your Mama!

Love and Hugs,
Mrs. Kindergarten...Madame Spoiled

Radcliffe Hannan said...

Dear Miss Janice
I am nine years old and live in Wallasey Village on the Wirral peninsula in England and I love love love your blog.
One day I want to own a tea shop too and I would love you to come and visit.
Thank you for fun stories and pictures

Miss Janice said...

Thank you so much for you kind words about my blog. I'm sure that you have delightful tearooms in England. I confess that on my only trip to England many years ago, I indulged in fish and chips at a pub instead of sipping tea at a proper tearoom! Shame on me:( Keep focused on your dream and you can make it happen!
Kindest regards,
Miss Janice

Rose Chandler Johnson said...

As always, I love your charming story. Lord have mercy, I love shrimp and grits myself. I'll have to take your advise and lunch at B. Matthews. And I'm sure you and my mama looked just adorable. Southerns do know have to treat their elders. And anyone who has ever lived outside the good ole South, knows that we win the prize for politeness all around. Thanks.

Rose said...

you need your fat pants in Savannah, everything is SO GOOD! was there for 5 days with 125 Girl Scouts in Nov. everyday we had cupcakes somewhere LOL

AngelaV said...

Awww! Your mother always looks sharp in the pictures you take! So sweet!

Kara said...

Oh! What a lovely day for you! So glad your Mamma and you continue to have wonderful adventures!

Beth Dunn said...

Your shoes are so cute! And it all matches your phone

annie said...

Its been awhile since you posted so I am stopping in to say 'hello' and hope things are going well on your visit.