Monday, January 7, 2013

BCS National Football Championship vs The Bachelor

Even though we're not a big fan of either team, we are football fans and tonight's game between The University of Alabama and Notre Dame should be a great game.  Since so many of  my Southern friends are Alabama fans, I guess I'll cheer for Alabama, but husband said he likes Notre Dame's coach {Brian Kelly} more than Nick house divided once again!

The Bachelor is premiering tonight in the same time slot--8:00 p.m.  I just can't look away from these Bachelor/Bachelorette shows.  My late friend Teresa Jane got me into these crazy reality programs and I guess I'll watch in her memory!

Sean Lowe returns to TV tonight as the The Bachelor.  He's a handsome 6' 3" Texan, who owns and operates an upscale custom furniture business.  Emily Maynard sent him packing on the last Bachelorette even though a lot of viewers thought she would choose him.

We met Sean's family last year...Sean "wants to propose once, be married once, and live a faithful family life, like his parents."

He's a family man and loves spending time with his nephew and his niece Kensington.  Little Miss Kensington won me over last year with her fabulous air-conditioned playhouse.  The color of the house is what I want for our house, with the blue shutters and blue window flower boxes.  {We are still waiting for approval from the HOA on that turquoise blue I want}.  The little playhouse is Air-conditioned y'all!

Thank you for visiting with me today and y'all have a fabulous week!


annie said...

I love yellow houses as my parents first house was a pale sunny yellow with green shutters.. real hurricane shutters too. How I miss those!
Will keep fingers crossed that you get an okay as those colors you've chosen are lovely.
I am a Notre Dame fan, Miss Janice!
Have a lovely Monday.

Suburban Princess said...

I think I will give the Bachelor a pass this time...I can't handle all the catty women!

Besides, I'm on a course tonight so I will miss it anyway.

Enjoy tho!

Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

Roll Tide!!!!!

Love and Hugs,
Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

Mrs.K loves pink and green said...

My hubby and I both attended The Univ of Alabama so we were thrilled when we won tonight!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!