Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What I'm Loving Right Now

The web is full of inspirational photos and since I've joined Pinterest, I have becomed obsessed with pinning all my faves onto my style boards. One of my favorites on Twitter-- True Southern Gents tweeted the other day "Pinterest is being blown up by the female population and I'm benefiting by enjoying an ungodly amount of baked goods." Yes Pinterest is where you can find the most fabulous ideas for fashion, home decorating, weddings, recipes, and all kinds of cute things.

Take a look at this darling Halloween tree...puts mine to shame. Lord have mercy, it's darling!

This outdoor tablescape is just perfect and so inviting!Love the decorations for this front porch area.
Love the dots on the pumpkins and the door treatment!
Recipes for pumpkin milkshakes are all over the internet now. I made some with just vanilla ice cream and pumpkin puree. Voila...quick and easy!
Look at these mums...I don't know how people keep their mums looking so beautiful. Lord, I've had my second batch for not even two weeks and I'm already starting to see brown petals. Boo hiss!
This tree would be appropriate from September till New Year's Eve! Not an Auburn fan, but still LOVE it!
For the nights out on the back patio, I could certainly make use of old Merlot bottles and turn them into torches...with my monogram of course!
Last, but certainly not least...look at this darling porch! Aren't these decorations just perfect...of course, the trees in the background coordinate with the look!
Hope y'all are having a fabulous week! Thank you for stopping by.


Lily Lemontree said...

Love these images!!
I have been hearing a lot of buzz about Pinterest and have tried my best to stay away since I have a feeling I will be obsessed with it in no time.
But you have done a wonderful job of peeking my interest in something once again and I am off to start 'pinning'.
If Miss Janice says it's a good thing, then it's a good thing!!

The Barnett Family said...

Wish I had the time and $$$$ to decorate my porch like the ones you shared with us! Like you, I love each and every one of them. Can definitely take some ideas from each! I have peeked around on Pinterest and formed an account, BUT I have not started pinning yet. I am afraid it will be TOO addictive like blogging was when I first discovered it! :) Thanks for sharing! You can just sharing your "pinned" boards.....same me some time since I like everything you like! Talk about being a Copy Cat....memow!

Annemarie @ Brunch at Saks said...

I love every single photo! The tablescape is especially stunning! xoxo

Hines-Sight said...

I'm all caught up on all of your posts. Love Pinterest, too.

You always have the nicest shoes.

BAH said...

That pumpkin milkshake looks amazing! I want.

Suburban Princess said...

I saw that first tree and immediately thought it was yours!

Lisa said...

Miss Janice,
I am enjoying Pinterest too! It's addictive isn't it? LOL! I love all the images you've shared. It certainly gets me in the mood for Fall.:)

Mrs. Kindergarten said...

Just finished a batch of Orange Chocolate Covered~Pretzels for the finishin' touch on a girlfriend's Halloween giftie! If I started pinning, I am afraid of what might happen! I love the images, I'll just peek at your choices! I am barely keeping my head above Swamp water with the KinderGators and ALL the other "things," in my life!

Love and Hugs,
Mrs. Kindergarten

Tammy B said...

I love all of those, especially that Auburn tree.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh how fun all the fall decorating is. I love the autumn bounty of pumpkins and mums.