Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Liberty Blue Dinnerware

I just love the history behind this pattern. The Benjamin Franklin Federal Savings bank, established in 1925, commissioned the Enoch Wedgwood company, in Staffordshire England, to make special dinnerware to commemorate their 50 year anniversary. The result was Liberty Blue, made exclusively for the bank in 1975 and 1976. New account holders who made a deposit of $50 were offered a four-piece place setting. After the bank ended their promotion, grocery stores allowed customers to buy pieces with their grocery purchases.

Liberty Blue is a great addition to my china wardrobe as it pairs well with my red, white, and blue china pieces. The blue and white is timeless and classic and the scenes.

Liberty Dinnerware pieces:
~Teacup, Paul Revere
~Saucer, Old North Church
~Covered Sugar Bowl, Betsy Ross, Sewing the Flag
~Creamer, Paul Revere's Ride
~Teapot, Minutemen 
~Coffee Mug, Monticello
~Dinner Plate, 10", Independence Hall
~Luncheon Plate, 9", Washington at Valley Forge
~Dessert Plate 7", Washington Leaving Christ Church
~Platter, 12", Governor's House at Williamsburg
~Platter, 14", Washington Crossing the Delaware
~Platter, 18" and 20", Declaration of Independence
~Round Vegetable Bowl, Frances Tavern, Scene of Washington's Farewell to the Continental Army
~Oval Vegetable Bowl, Minutemen 
~Salt and Pepper Shakers, Paul Revere's Ride
~Butter Dish, Lafayette Landing at West Point
~Bread and Butter Plate 6", Monticello Thomas Jefferson's Home
~Fruit Bowl, Betsy Ross, Sewing the Flag
~Cereal Bowl, Mt. Vernon, George Washington's Home
~Soup Tureen, Minutemen
~Soup Tureen Lid, Boston Tea Party
~Soup Ladle, Solid White
~Soup Bowl, Old North Church
~Covered Vegetable, Boston Tea Party
~Covered Vegetable Lid, Lafayette Landing 
~Gravy Boat, Lafayette Landing 
~Gravy Boat Stand, Governor's House at Williamsburg
~Coasters/Ashtrays, Independence Hall, Valley Forge, Old North Church
~Pitcher, Old North Church
~Placecards, American Eagle

I'm always on the lookout for new pieces to add to my collection!  The Liberty Blue Dinnerware book includes photos and illustrations of the extensive variety of all the pieces of the collection. 

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