Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Kentucky Derby Weekend

I have just returned to my Florida home after being away for a month!   We bought another house up in Georgia and I've been busy sprucing it up a bit--well that, and visiting with my friend Tybee Joy!  It will take me forever to get my Florida house cleaned up, clothes washed, cars cleaned...then I'm back to Georgia again!

I got back to Florida just in time to spend a Derby Party weekend with friends in Tampa.  Here are some photos from "What I Wore" during Derby week.
The slacks and bow blouse are by Ralph Lauren and the black belt {reversible} is by Hermes.  The flats and purse are Chanel and the bangles are Hermes and Fornash.

I wore this 'Hot Air Balloon' Lilly P classic shift on Friday for lunch...LOVE the classic shifts with the bows and pom poms!

Friday night I wore this adorable 'Finish Line' dress by Lilly P.  I wanted to wear it on Saturday to the track, but I couldn't find a hat that matched it.  It looked real cute with the pink and green Jack Rogers and the Bosom Buddy bag with the pink bow.  It is definitely one of my top 10 favorite Lilly dresses!

Getting ready on Saturday morning...I wore this adorable 'Talk Derby To Me' tee by Southern Proper.

and I dressed up my diet, caffeine-free coke with a cute koozie.

Last year I wore the 'Just Add Mint' skirt to the track and this year I chose to wear the dress.  The Marley Lilly monogrammed Derby hat and pink Revas were the perfect match.

I didn't plan on a freezing cold, rainy day.  It was terrible weather.  My hat blew off my head.  I liketa died!

My friend Diana and I chose to stay inside and cocktail...

Bud Light was the mint to my julep cup...the koozie is by Lauren James.

I was happy to get back to the party house and change into my Derby party dress...the Lilly P 'Grandstand Patch' Carson Kressley Derby print.  LOVE this dress!

My accessories were a Bosom Buddy bag...a cute Tory Burch hat and orange Revas.  And yes, you do need a purse at home for your lipsticks, mints, etc.

Sunday was closing day at Tampa Bay Downs and we brunched at the clubhouse.  I wore my Lilly P. 'Hot to Trot' skirt.  I adore all the Lilly horse-themed prints!

Thank y'all for visiting with me today.


NikkiL said...

Darling. Don't know if you heard but we have a Lilly store now on the Northshore of New Orleans in Mandeville. It's the sister store to Palm Village in Ashville and Knoxville. I wonder if there is a pattern -all ending in ville.what would you recommend for my trip to Paris in July. It should be warm but we'll be in and out of the Louvre, Versailles, etc.

Miss Janice said...

What a fantastic trip! I would take a little black dress and some shifts with scarves/cardigans would be appropriate, and omfortable flats.

Tammy B said...

Love your Derby fashions . You always look so cute.

NikkiL said...

Thanks so much. I'm dieting madly so I can go stock up on Liily shifts before we go and enjoy the Fbulous French food while we're there. This is my retirement celebration. Thanks for the hints.

Hidden Magnolias said...

You have mentioned you new Georgia house. When are you going to share? Did I miss a post?

Miss Janice said...

Pat, You haven't missed a thing! We just bought another house in Georgia. Kind of my retirement house. Near my Mama and brother:). I might share when the work is finished...Lord, that me be forever!

Mona said...

Love your Derby fashion choices. Oh Miss Janice, please do show us your new GA home when you've got it all together. I just know it'll look darling!

Mona said...

Love your Derby fashion choices. Oh Miss Janice, please do show us your new GA home when you've got it all together. I just know it'll look darling!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Miss Janice
I loved all your Derby wear.
I so want to live in Savannah Georgia and be the Southern Gal that I am , however guess I will stay in this dry land up here in Missouri LOL