Friday, August 5, 2011

China pattern passed down by many a Southern Mama.

When I was a young girl, my Mama would host teas, ladies luncheons, and Sunday suppers for my friends and also her adult friends. Everything had to be perfect...from the table setting to the menu. The china Mama usually used was her good everyday china...'Desert Rose' by Franciscan.

Over the years, Mama and I both have purchased dozens of china patterns that we love, but the 'Desert Rose' pattern has always remained a sentimental favorite. It's the pattern that is most passed-down by Southern Mamas to their daughters.

Several years ago, when Mama moved from the home where I grew up to her new home in a different town, she gave me all her 'Desert Rose' dinnerware. Lord have mercy, I believe I have a service for 24! I'm so happy that I can now serve family and friends using Mama's favorite china...full of precious memories from social occasions in our home on Magnolia Drive...and very, very Southern!

Recently I prepared Sunday dinner for family...using the 'Desert Rose'.
From the "Miss Janice Prissy Apron Collection"...I wore a simple white battenburg lace apron. I've had this sweet apron for many, many years. Of course it coordinated well with the battenburg linen napkins and doilies I used on the table and sideboard.
Close up of the tablescape...I covered the table with a pink damask cloth and used white lace placemats.

Y'all, Blogger gave me a tremendous headache with the following photos. I could not move them around without moving them out of order to make room for a description. *Please see the notes below for each photo. I apologize!!!

~Centerpiece of roses and baby's breath in a Franciscan vase.
~White battenburg napkin with silver monogrammed napkin ring and luncheon fork to the left of the place setting.
~Luncheon knife {resting on a knife rest}, cream soup spoon, fruit cocktail spoon, and iced teaspoon {resting on an iced teaspoon rest} to the right of the place setting.--Remember the iced teaspoon must remain in the glass after stirring sweetener, or returned to the teaspoon rest...never placed back on the tablecloth.
~Dessert fork and spoon at the top of the place setting.
~Pink water goblet {by Arcoroc Glassware} on a doily and iced tea tumbler {by Franciscan} on an Arcoroc saucer and doily.
~Refreshing ice cold water in a Franciscan 'Desert Rose' pitcher.
~The sideboard was set for bread, dessert, and coffee service. Chocolate cake and Sister Schubert 'Parker House' rolls on the tiered tray with 'Desert Rose' plates and doilies.
~The first course--Fruit Cocktail, served from an Arcoroc fruit cocktail glass and a Franciscan 'Desert Rose' underplate, doily, and fruit spoon. When you are finished eating the fruit cocktail, place the spoon on the underplate, not the fruit cup.
The second course--Chilled Asparagus Soup, served from a Franciscan 'Desert Rose' soup bowl and an Arcoroc underplate, and rounded {cream} soup spoon. All soups should be eaten the same: Hold the spoon just like a pencil between your index and middle fingers with the thumb up. Spoon the soup away from you toward the center or top of the bowl. Don't fill the spoon completely full and sip from the side of the spoon. Place the soup spoon on the saucer in the 4 o'clock position "I am finished."
~The Franciscan 'Desert Rose' butter dish...with a butter knife. The butter knife is used to slice the butter and transfer the pat to the butter pat plate.
~The Franciscan 'Desert Rose' bread plate and butter spreader. The butter spreader is used to butter only the piece of bread that is put into your mouth...not the whole roll.
~The Franciscan 'Desert Rose' butter pat plate...very sweet touch and very Southern!
~The Main Course--Shrimp Tempura with a fresh salad and Vidalia Onion Vinaigrette {available from my Taste of Gourmet products}.
~The Gravy Boat and Gravy Ladle...on the table since I served a tempura sauce for the shrimp. The person seated closest to the gravy boat picks it up and offers the sauce to the person on her left, then serves herself with the ladle, and passes the boat to the right.
~Of course, I have the 'Desert Rose' salt and pepper shakers--married and always passed together!
~A Silent Butler is used to "crumb" the table before dessert is served. "Crumbing" is done to the left of each guest. Be discreet y'all!
~Coffee service...Silver coffee pot, Franciscan 'Desert Rose' cups and saucers, with the teaspoons at the 4 o'clock position. Details y'all!
~Franciscan 'Desert Rose' sugar bowl and creamer.
~The Dessert Course--Chocolate Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream
The desert fork and spoon is always placed above the center of the 'cover'.
The Finger Bowl presentation. A Franciscan 'Desert Rose' glass bowl is used for the water and rose petals, on a doily and a pink Arcoroc dessert plate. When any type of finger foods are served {i.e., fried shrimp}, a finger bowl may be presented along with the dessert course. Move the dessert fork down to the left and the dessert spoon down to the right of the finger bowl and dessert plate.
Remove the finger bowl along with the doily and place it to the upper left side of the dessert plate. Gently dip your fingertips {one hand at a time} in the water, then pat dry on your napkin.
Ready for dessert! When served cake with ice cream, the fork is held in the left hand, prongs down and used to cut the cake and to help place it on the spoon, which is held in your right hand. Then, you eat the ice cream and cake with the spoon.

I hope y'all have a learned a little dining etiquette today...I can't type underneath this photo. Ugh!


Lori said...

Love that pattern, my mother in law has some of that too.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I've always loved that patter. My mother had the apple pattern.

Jennifer said...

Very Southern and timeless pattern! My mama has the Apple pattern. It's so nostalgic.

I Do Declare said...

That is such a pretty pattern! Your table looked just perfec! I would love to be a lady who lunches with you, Miss Janice. Happy Friday!

Azaleamum said...

Belks' in Macon, Georgia, had a great deal of Desert Rose china 50 % and more off two weeks ago. It's been around more than 60 years or for three generations I'm sure. Hope it never goes out of vogue. It's still pretty.

Wendy said...

I love that pattern. Many of the antique dealers in the area have it in stock. I have often wanted to pick up a few settings.

Teresa Jane said...

Beautiful girlie and oh so yummy looking.

Anonymous said...

That's my nanas pattern, I just love it. So classic. So beautiful. Someday it will be my mothers, then mine, and my daughters. It's a keeper!

Ruth Ann said...

My Mom was born and raised in the South, but always 'dined' with the group of men who had been hunting with Grandpa that day. Fine china was almost non-existent.

When she married, Mama moved to Ohio and Desert Rose was her china. She said I broke it all - I had a fascination with china even as a child - so I don't remember it, but I have always loved the pattern.

Your post has encouraged me to start a collection, but where to put it.......

Thanks for the joy you bring to my life!

Ruth Ann said...

I forgot to ask - would you please post your recipe for asparagus soup?

Thanks so much!
Ruth Ann

Mona said...

Your table looks stunning! Love the battenburg apron. My Grandmother had that pattern. I have the egg plate.
Have a fabulous weekend Miss Janice!

Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

Simply makes me smile and warms my heart fondly!

Mrs. Kindergarten

william said...

Miss Janice, I think what you are doing is really important and valuable. Let's not let all this slip away from us! Let's remember...


Kathie Truitt said...

You look beautiful in the lime green, your table looks gorgeous and guess what? I have been having the same exact problem with blogger as well.

Do you know I went into a tea room a few weeks ago and she was using PAPER napkins. I 'liketa' died! Paper napkins! In a 'supposed' Victorian tea room. Maybe I'm being persnickety but I always use linens - even when I'm serving hotdogs.