Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You Might be Tacky If...

Using a public. Lord have mercy! Believe or not, I think Southerners are the worst offenders of this etiquette faux pas. Yes, I cannot stand it when I'm entering a restaurant and I pass people on their way out...with a toothpick hanging from the corner of their mouth.

In the South, MOST restaurants have a toothpick dispenser at the cash register...Lord have mercy! My beloved Cracker Barrel has the silver roll-out dispenser right next to the free mints:)

All of us have found ourselves in the situation of either having food stuck in our own teeth, or noticing food in the teeth of others.

Is it okay to let someone know they have food stuck in their teeth? Yes, of course you should tell someone! People deserve to know--wouldn't YOU want to know? It's an awkward and a tricky situation. You should be discreet and sensitive. If you are at the table and you notice your dining partner has food in their teeth, you can either tell them or motion with your fingers by tapping toward your own tooth. Hopefully, they will excuse themselves from the table and handle the situation in the restroom.

Is it ever okay to use a toothpick at the table! It is inappropriate to use a toothpick in public, especially at the table!!!

If you absolutely must use a toothpick or dental floss, excuse yourself from the table and go to the restroom.

Never, evah use your fingers to dislodge food from your teeth. Don't sit at the table swirling your tongue back and forth to try to dislodge food from your teeth either!

It doesn't matter how pretty your clothes look, how great your hairdo is, or how fabulous your figure is, if you are using a toothpick in will look tacky!!!

Y'all have a wonderful day:)


Michelle said...

I couldn't agree more! It is horrid to watch someone "groom" their teeth in front of you...while talking even! Trust me when I say...we have no toothpick dispenser in this house! LOL

Paula@SweetPea said...

I so agree with you on toothpicks. It is beyond tacky to pick your teeth in public.

Larie Carlice Proverbs 27:19 said...

I love your etiquette teachings!


Pattie (Lilacnpearls) said...

You are right on Miss Janice. This drives me crazy!
Restaurants should only have toothpick dispensers in their lavatories & "beep" if anyone walks out with one :) LOL! (Lilacnpearls)

Vintage Chicken said...

Another Crazy toothpick 'hater'here too... We do not have a toothpick dispenser in our house either and I absolutely can't stand to see people picking their teeth in public, or even in their car at a stoplight... drives me nuts! LOL

I guess that's the fine southern raising, in me? LOL

jeanie said...

I so agree! This drives me crazy along with snapping and popping on gum in public....makes me just want to scream!

Anastasia Schembri said...

You have taken the words right out of my mouth, a little bit of a pet peeve of mine. I come across far too many people who should know better but insist on taking care of their dental hygiene in front of an audience! :)
As always super post, hope you are having a marvelous week!

AngelaV said...

My father in law was a dentist and he would whip out dental floss anywhere. It is tacky but so many people don't care anymore. And, oh, I loved my father in law anyway. :)

Tammy B said...

That is one of my pet peeves. My late father used to work at a nice department store that was located in a mall. Also in the mall was a cafeteria. He had a name for the men who came in after their meal. He called them the "toothpick brigade". They would browse, but never buy anything. All the while they had a toothpick in their mouth. We were laughing about that the other day.

Jan@southernjunkin' said...

Oh my, oh me! This is a good one! My dear aunt will come back to haunt us if the hands or a toothpick goes in the mouth at the table!! It's a southern thing or is is just plain good manners?!!!

Lori said...

Love those crazy funny faux pas pictures!! lol. Especially the last one. TACKY!! I am always the one to let a person know if something is wrong. I usually tell them they need to "tidy" their teeth or nose.