Monday, March 14, 2011


Readers are always asking about my "Apron Collection!" Well, I like to refer to it as "Miss Janice's Prissy Hostess Apron Collection!" I have a lot of 'em...not sure how many and my collection just keeps growing y'all!

I'm a servant-less cook and want to make sure that I prepare and serve meals and beverages to my family and guests with grace and style. They are my new go-to outfits when I entertain. I've got them hanging up all around my kitchen... And lots of them are hanging in my poor guest bedroom closet...{no photos of inside that great big mess}!

Take a look at the ones I have already worn...

I found this cute tartan plaid apron at HomeGoods. I wore this hostess apron while serving my "Naughty Egg Nog" during the Christmas holidays!

I found this cute little pink "Party Girl" apron, with the animal print ruffle at a store in Mount Dora...can't remember the name:( I AM going to visit the same store during the upcoming Mt. Dora Spring Crafts Show!
Here I am serving Southern Praline Pie...a Taste of Gourmet product that I sell. I'm wearing a cute magnolia print hostess apron I found online at The Country Porch.
Here I am wearing my "G.R.I.T.S" {Girls Raised in the South} hostess apron and serving shrimp & grits in margarita glasses on a rattan serving tray...I found this apron at an Amazon store's a must-have for the Southern girl who loves to entertain! Y'all saw this harlequin and fleur de lis apron last week--a cute find at The French Quarter Market. This was the perfect hostess apron to wear when I hosted my "Fat Tuesday Feast." Here I am serving "Bloody Mary Soup" in green Fiestware mugs on a black serving tray.

This is my cute little half-apron with a chic design of shopping girls from Bed Bath & Beyond. I wore this darling little thing when serving ham biscuits and iced tea in mint julep cups...on a silver tray, of course.

This a very cute solid black hostess apron, monogrammed in white. Love this apron, as I can wear it for lots of occasions. I found this apron at The darling gloveables are from Sur La Table.

Lynn at LWhelanDesigns made this cute preppy Lilly-fied half apron, using Lilly fabric. Of course, I LOVE it! Musta' been enjoying "Chardonnay Hour" that night...with my monogrammed wine goblet!

Here I am baking red velvet cookies during the Christmas holidays, wearing my red Paula Deen "Hey Y'all!" hostess apron! Another must-have for any Southern girl! {Ignore the thick white socks I'm was cold that day!}

I was looking on Etsy for a cute Christmas apron and found this precious hostess apron in a red toile Christmas pattern. Click. Buy. It was mine. I love it! It looked real cute with all my "Santa in France" loot in the kitchen during Christmas. Here I am serving Chocolate Chaud on a "French Santa...aka Pere Noel" tray. {By the way y'all...I miss Pere. He looked so cute in my kitchen!}

This hostess apron {from Carlton Interiors in Perry, Georgia} is perfect when entertaining during Christmas. It is embellished with Christmas ornaments...I wore it when I hosted a Casual Christmas Supper...from the countertop!

Well, when I saw this AdorAble polka dot apron at The Pink Monogram, I HAD to have it. Monica monogrammed it for me and Lord have matches my polka dot Christmas dinnerware and the entire theme I used to decorate for Christmas on the porch! Here I am wearing the apron during "Merlot Hour."

Love this rooster print apron I found at Williams-Sonoma. Here I am, serving my husband dinner...some kinda' casserole! This apron looks good with my kitchen loot also!
I wore this cute hostess apron {from HomeGoods} on Halloween...dispensing treats for the kiddies and "Merlot Hour" for the adults! Of course, Miss Coco wore an outfit that coordinated with her mama's!

Here I am modeling a cute hostess apron I wore during the Thanksgiving holidays...from HomeGoods...OF COURSE!

Oh, I think I bought this absolutely precious candy-corn print apron at that same store in Mt. Dora...can't remember the name. LOVE it...Isn't it the cutest thing? Ready for a Halloween party!
Another precious Halloween apron...from HomeGoods. Loved wearing this "Trick or Treat" apron!

This hostess apron, designed by April Cornell, from HomeGoods, was perfect to wear during the Autumn season...
I looked real cute serving Pumpkin Pancakes to my husband!!!

So these are just the hostess aprons that I have worn. I have received many aprons as gifts and if you don't see one of your aprons's just because I'm waiting for the perfect occasion to wear it!

Thank you for stopping by to visit with me.


Lori said...

I love my aprons too. Not quite the collection you have. I passed one up one time at Marshall's and still regret it. Who takes your photo's while you serve so cute?

nomo wino daph said...

Hello Friend!

Look at your new look on the bloggy, I AM SO LOVING!!! LOVE!!!!!! YAY YOU!

I just love all your glad you sent the me the Fluer De Lis one, I love it so much. It's so ME & YOU:)

Have a great day sweetie.

Sue said...

Nobody wears an apron like Miss Janice. You are so dog gone cute!

Laur said...

So cute! I found a cute one at home Goods the other day! So glad you're back!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

Oh my, you do have a lot of aprons! Quite the collection too. I really enjoyed looking at all of them.

Allyson Pecilunas said...

All of your aprons are absolutely adorable!! I only have one. :) I love all of yours I am gonna be on the lookout now :)

Kyndall's Kitchen said...

Love your aprons! Mama and I were in Perry this weekend, ate at the Swanson House, and stopped by Carlton Interiors and Two Friends! LOVE LOVE LOVE PERRY!

Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

My collection is growin' too! I just wish I could get my Uncle to give me a couple of my Grandmother's aprons that she made. She always finished them with ric rac. I love ric rac!

Mrs. Kindergarten

(I have the candy corn one too!)

Lori said...

I love your apron collecton and you look great wearing them. So very 21th Century June Cleaver!!!


Miss Janice said...

I LOVE the Swanson House, Two Friends, and Carlton Interiors!

annie said...

You are getting us all hooked on aprons Miss Janice.

Jennifer @ Her Southern Charm said...

Miss Janice, you are just too much! I love it!!! :)

A Hint of Home said...

You have the most impressive apron collection ever, Miss Janice!
They're lovely!

Cowboy Shirts said...

Nice blog with good information. I like wearing apron while cooking. Good one.

Muffy said...

WOW!!!!!!!! What a collection!!! Love them all!!!!

Teresa Jane said...

Miss Janice, Miss Janice, you are a hoot with all of those aprons. You know the only time I put one on is when I'm trying to be you. Love ya!

Unknown said...

so cute!!!

MeredithL said...

I have just found your blog and am absolutely smitten! Thank you for sharing your beautiful style and helpful comments! I am also an apron-aholic. This past summer while visiting family in MS., I found the apron "museum" and store in Iuka. Have you heard of it? Mecca, I tell you! Sincerely, Your newest fan...

Andrea Tablescape said...

You were featured on Tablescape Times Three! LOVE YOUR BLOG!

Elisabeth said...

I love aprons, too, and wear them everytime I'm in the kitchen. I probably have about 10 but I have my favorites.

You have quite the collection, my lady!

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