Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Potluck in Style ~ 'Ya Mama's Meatloaf

"Potluck Parties" are all the rage--each guest brings a dish and it is also referred to as a "Covered Dish" in the South. It's a great way to host a party as it allows people to come together and enjoy lots of great food, without placing a lot of pressure on the hostess!

What's the difference between a "Potluck Party" and a "Covered Dish?"'s just that Southerners use the term "Covered Dish" more often. This is a photo of my hometown church in Augusta, Georgia...I have many fond memories of this church where my parents were charter members. I still prepare recipes from the cookbook authored by the Church Ladies of National Hills:)

The "Covered Dish" meals are a staple of church life in the South...I can still hear mama asking friends who would call to invite her for a meal..."Is it covered dish?"

Outside the Church, it's all about the "Potluck Party!" Bookclubs, Bunco Groups, Bridge Clubs, and other social groups...everybody's into "Potluck Suppers! Of course, I have to travel to my events in style y'all! This monogrammed insulated basket is perfect to carry casserole dishes. It's large enough for most casserole dishes and tres chic!
This past weekend I prepared "Mama's Meatloaf," a product from my Taste of Gourmet foods. This recipe creates moise meaty morsels of meatloaf that break apart at the touch of your fork. Mama's Meatloaf Mix is a delicious return to the comfort food of the early 1900's--the food that made us feel good and warm and safe!

The recipe calls for 2 eggs, catchup, and the meat of your choice added to the mix {I chose the heart-healthy ground turkey}. Trust me, this meatloaf was a huge hit!

The box includes two mixes and is $9.95/box. You can order Mama's Meatloaf from me here.

I baked the meatloaf in a glass Pyrex dish...kinda boring presentation huh?
Then I placed the casserole dish inside a cute painted tole casserole dish holder...much better, don't you think? {I covered the dish (duh) and took the cute dish holder along to the supper}
This is another one of my casserole carriers and is a great way to carry your dishes, while keeping them hot {It has a heated gel pack inside}

But, don't y'all think this one is waaaay cuter?!! I bought this at ThePinkAzalea. {Not sure if they carry these it back in the summertime}.
Now if you want some great recipes for a "Potluck Party" or "Covered Dish Suppers", check out this book "Church Suppers," available at Gooseberry Patch. It has great recipes for small and large crowds...comfort foods that we all love!

Remember to Make it Southern...Make it Memorable!


Tammy B said...

Love to go to covered dish suppers. At Thanksgiving, we teased my plain and simple cousin for bringing her covered dishes in a huge Longerberger carrier. I love your carrier. I see them more and more. I think Mama and I need to invest in a couple of those. We use Coca-Cola (or as we say in Alabama, Co-Cola) crates to transport ours.

Taryn said...

Miss Janice, I love your casserole carrier! Looks like a delicious meatloaf!

Lori said...

Gotta love a covered dish dinner. My co-workers gave me one when I retired. I really like that casserole carrier! Very stylish!


Bea said...

Your meatloaf sounds delicious, Miss Janice! Love your carrier and skirt... have a nice week!

Mimi said...

The meatloaf looks so good my mouth is watering! I do love my insulated market tote; but mine is red & black with black initials so we can tailgate between the hedges in style! You look cute as a button ready to go to your Potluck Party.

Anita said...

Oh Miss Janice, we need to be neighbors. I thought everybody did them until I grew up and found out its a Southern thing mostly. We lived next door to our church and we ate alot of meals there, so I thought thats what everbody did. Now, not so much. Thanks for bringing the Southern ways to the web. It sure is cold here in GA... bout to freeze to death!

bevy said...

We still carry those market totes... Monogrammed too!

Designs on 47th Street said...

Janice, I always miss my Southern roots when I come here for a visit. Luckily we still have lots of relatives I go visit and get my Southern fix. Your home church is so pretty. I bet that cookbook is fantastic!


Brittany said...

My mom's from Augusta, GA. I have fond memories of having 'covered dish' right after church service. Those GA ladies really know how to entertain.

Great post, Miss Janice.