Thursday, June 25, 2009


Can you believe three cultural icons have died in the last three days?

First Ed MaMahon died on Tuesday at the age of 86. Famous for being Johnny Carson's sidekick on "The Tonight Show" for 30 years, how many times have we heard...."Heeeeeeeeere' s Johnny!" To be honest, I never really connected with "The Tonight Show" after Johnny and Ed left . Rest in peace, Mr. McMahon.
This morning, Actress Farrah Fawcett passed away at the age of 62 after a long and brave battle with cancer. Her gorgeous blonde hair and fabulous body gained her the title of "Sex Symbol" during the 70's. Although I loved her in "Charlie's Angels," I thought she was awesome in "The Burning Bed!" I recently watched the documentary "Farrah's Story" was very inspired by her will to fight to live! Rest in peace Miss Farrah!

While I was tweeting about Farrah and watching the coverage of her death on headline news...CNN reported that the LA Times was saying Michael Jackson was dead. WHAT? After many reports from different sources...I found out it was true! Like most of the world today, I'm not totally shocked that he may have had health problems, I am however, saddened and stunned by his death!

My very first concert was to see "The Jackson Five" in Columbia, South Carolina. Needless to say, I loved his music...all of it. What was my favorite M.J. song? "BILLIE JEAN"---I loved and still do love that song! Of course, I love "Off the Wall," "I Want to Rock with You," and "Thriller"...but that "BILLIE JEAN"...just loved it! Michael, "I WANT YOU BACK!" Awesome performer and awesome music! May you rest in peace!

My question to you today...What is your fave Michael Jackson song?

Here's Michael from "Billie Jean".... "She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene..."


bj said...

I loved the Tonight Show with these two wonderful guys and didn't miss many nights watching them...after they left, I never watched it again..not even once.
I always thought Farrah was one of the world's most beautiful women. I, too, loved her in The Burning Bed.
M. Jackson was an amazing much talent. I always felt sorry for him because he was never satisfied with his life. I think Thriller is the one I would pick.
It's been a hard week!

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* said...

'Human Nature' probably evokes the strongest memories music-wise of 1983 for me. It was the year I was married and in the song it sounds like organ pipes in a church so I equate this song with this time in my life. I always liked Off The Wall and Rock With You. All his videos were great to watch. No one could cut a rug like MJ~

Also had my hair feathered like Farrah's and remember her poster in the boys' dorms.

Ed played his role very well and was a perfect foil for Johnny.

A tough week. A very nice tribute by you.

Sandra said...

Loved Johnny Carson and no one can ever replace him. I always thought Farah's beauty was flawless! She was so beautiful. She never needed any plastic surgery cause she would've been beautiful no matter her age. Michael - remember him all the way from the beginning. I love the songs from the Jackson 5 - then I loved all the Thriller songs. Especially love PYT ;-) xoxo

Sue said...

Three icons in one week is really something for all of us. Loved Johnny and Ed and I, too, never watched the Tonight Show much after Johnny left. Farrah's beautiful smile is what I remember most about her after the hair and great trim figure. Now to hear of Michael Jackson's passing is making for a hard week indeed. I'm with you Miss Janice, Billy Jean would be my favorite of MJ's songs too.

QueenBeeSwain said...

so sad about all of them, even if MJ was "out there."

PS- Ed Mc had a summer cottage a mile down from my prents'- I am sad I will no longer see him out on walks :(


Nancy Rosalina said...

Miss Janice, This will be a sad weekend for sure! It feels odd to me..strange feelings! I liked M. Jackson and his music, but what I like best was his performance...he could put on a "show" like no one else! Nancy

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

It is a tough week. I've seen Farrah's story as well, very inspiring, she had such will. I was too shocked when the news announced Michael's death yesterday. I have such fond memories of him when I was a kid. I was in love with him. PYT is probaby my favorite and of course, Thriller! I can still recite Vincent Price's part in the song word-for-word!

Ann said...

Such a sad week. I think I'd pick Off the Wall.

Anonymous said...

Morning, Miss Janice! What a sweet tribute to the famous ones! Like you, when Johnny and Ed left the tonight show, it was just never the same for me.
I thought Farrah was the most beautiful thing! I even had a "Farrah" do during the 70's! We all wanted that gorgeous mane of hair she had!
Oh, and poor Michael. What a sad story. Such a talented man, but his life so sad. Now I know this song is about a rat! But I loved the song "Ben"! The melody is so beautiful and he sang it when he was young and it brings tears to my eyes. Kinda silly, I know. But it is a beautiful song!
Thank you for the beautiful post!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Domestic Designer said...

They will all be missed. Farrah fought a long hard battle with cancer and inspired many in the process. You are right the Tonight Show was never the same after the dynamic duo left. Michael Jackson was a music icon. I loved all the songs on the Thriller album.

Miss Janice said...

Sheila, Over the years, anytime my husband would see a mouse, he would start singing "Ben" and it always creeped me out! But, I did love the song:)

Jenifer Helton said...

I would have to say fav. Michael song was Don't stop til you get it up. I have danced and danced to that song but of course Billie Jean is a rockin song to dance to also!
Poor Farrah! Loved her in the movie Small Sacrifices. I was to young to do the hair on the first go around but I've got it now in the updated version.

LillyB said...

What an amazing blog Miss Janice!! These were icons from my younger days as well, all extraordinary in their own right.I would sneak up at night and watch The Tonight Show, it made me feel all grown up! I would see that poster of Farrah in her one piece and pray "Oh pleeeeeeeeeeeease let me grow up to look like her", the closest I ever came was wearing my hair feathered in the eighties!! The Burning bed was an excellent movie. and Michael changed the face of music forever!
Thank you for your tribute, it was so sweet!
Love Lilly

Nanette said...

Very sweet tribute. Those folks did add to the memories of when we were young. My sister loved Michael Jackson, I kinda preferred Donny Osmond myself. Nice to remember the good times.

Jennifer @ Her Southern Charm said...

I'm still in shock. Loved Billie Jean. :) I'm a true child of the 80's having been born in 1980. ;p

Teresa Jane said...

Billie Jean was my favorite MJ song. Thriller was the favorite video though. I'm pretty sure my ex-husband was one of those extras. I was mad at Ed McMahon for never coming to my door with a check and Farrah...well Miss Janice, you know more than anyone else that she she was one of my idols back in the day.
Teresa Jane

What Kate Wore said...

Such good memories Miss Janice, these three individuals were all so gifted. Thank you for posting the images and sharing your memories.
Sending a hug,

Princess Freckles said...

It really was a sad week with those three icons passing away. I just love Farrah! What a beauty!

I must say my favorite Michael Jackson song has got to be Thriller! I remember my mom had the tape and my sister and I would dance dance in our basement to every song on there, ut when Thriller came on, we'd turn off the lights and get out flash lights for the "mood"! Haha! I have such great memories of that!

Carolina Pearl said...

Even though I didn't really grow up with these three, I do know they all made a tremendous impact on the entertainment industry and will be missed.

As for my favorite MJ song, probably Thriller.

I hope you are having a great weekend. If you get the chance, stop by my blog, you've been tagged!

Anonymous said...

I'm still listening to him today and quite honestly my i-Pod has always had MJ on it and I would listen to at least a couple of songs a week by him. My picks are "Thriller", "Man in the Mirror" and "I Want You Back".

P.S. Love your blog!

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

It has been a very strange past few days with the loss of these great performers, icons and the memories they have left us with. I loved watching the Tonight show when Ed McMahon was on it..great showman. Farrah...well.. alot of my teenage hair and fashion was inspired by her! But above all Michael Jackson. I literally grew up with him! I was 12 when I first started following him with the Jackson 5, then just him. I remember many parties with his music being played. Even my children grew up with his music! What a sad day! His Bad album was one of my favorites! I also just heard of the passing of Billy Mays..."Mr. Oxy White!". May they all Rest in Peace.