Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Creative Gifting

Gift-giving and shopping are two of my favorite pastimes--it's a year-round event for me. Finding the "perfect" gift and ensuring it is unique and appropriate is my mission. It doesn't matter how much you spend on a gift; but, it's important to give some thought to its presentation. Creative vessels help to make the most boring gift more creative; i.e., baskets, tubs, coolers, serving bowls, etc. may all be used to hold your gift and then wrapped and embellished with gift tags, labels, small ornaments, ribbons, etc.

Remember, the presentation of the gift is just as important as the gift itself!

If you are interested in becoming a more creative gifter, it's important that you have the necessary supplies on hand. Here are some photos of my gifting arsenal:

Tissue paper, wrapping paper, stamps, gift bags, and ribbons are all on display so that I can see exactly what I have and then put together my package. Most of my gifts have a "signature design" which includes toile, gingham, fleur de lis, and Eiffel towers. I try to incorporate a little bit of those patterns into all of my gifts.

During these tough economic times, let your "recessionista" shine through and save some money!

~Go to Target, Walmart, or The Dollar Store. Choose an inexpensive gift and repackage and embellish the item to make it more presentable.

~For the frugal minded worker--find a cute lunch bag and have it personalized with the recipient's monogram.

~Everybody loves cookies, so just place them in a cute tin and voila! This is a nice gift for delivery people, a neighbor, or those in rest homes.

~This is a nice gift for a co-worker--a latte cup filled with shred and Starbuck's ornaments and a Starbuck's gift card.

~This is my "friendship gift" for December--a red "Christmas toile" take out box, filled with red and white shred, a porcelain teabag holder, some gingerbread spice teabags, and a silver teapot teaspoon attached to the outside of the box.

But, what about regifting? Regifting is a term coined by the sitcom "Seinfield" in the mid-90's that means giving someone a gift you received and didn't want. On the Tonight Show, Johnny Carson would frequently joke about the Christmas fruitcake that was given from one person to another, year after year.

Once the gift is given, it's the recipient's to do with as they wish, whether it be returning it or regifting it. Proper etiquette doesn't require you to keep anything, just that you are grateful when you receive it. Just be sure that the gift is brand new.


~Don't just consider what you like to give...think about what they would like to receive.

~Do ask what they want...don't assume anything!

~Don't give up until you know that they like--hobbies, interests, etc.

~Do remember that it's not the amount you spend, it's the thought that counts.


Anonymous said...

Your gift wrap area is wonderful. It is not only well organized and thoughtfully designed, but also a very attractive space! You have offered some wonderful ideas. Thank you so much for posting these!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Oh là là Miss Janice! I am drooling over your gift paper, bags and boxes! What a nice selection of toile! You have some wonderful suggestions for gifts, too. Thank you for the wonderful reminders, too. I hope you are enjoying your new home. Have a wonderful evening...Debbie

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Oh My! I WANT your gift wrapping space! How pretty it is, and how wonderful to have such a pretty place to wrap gifts. laurie

Lady Katherine said...

Lovely said! I am in the middle of one now, I was taking a break for a little inspiration and here it is! Thank you! I love the tin and the cookies. This Christmas I would love to have a tin of cookies or candys. Just a candle would be great. I love your papers and boxes. You have a set up going on, a whole wrapping room! How nice! I hope you are enjoying your new home in Florida, torando last night and snow tomorrow!

Suzann said...

Super ideas! I love your wrap center. Someday, I am going to have my own room to have all these wonderful things that I dream of. I adore toile and would love to have boxes and paper like you do - I'd be in girlie heaven. : )

Sandra said...

Love your gift wrapping area!! The toile is fabulous!

Glenda said...

I acquired a large hanging canvas bag several years ago that can accommodate flat wrapping paper, rolls of paper, tissue paper, gift tags, rolls of ribbon, tape, scissors, and even a zippered enclosure for collapsed boxes like you find around the holidays.
I have found it very handy for keeping all my supplies readily available, since they are hanging at the ready in a bedroom closet.
This is a very timely post considering the flurry of gifting and gift wrapping taking place at this time. Thank you for your ideas.

Unknown said...

I love all your gift wrap. I would just want you to wrap anything just so i could have the wrap. lol. mishelle ps. Miss janice out of curiousity, did you just move? Are you already unpacked and settled in?

Designs on 47th Street said...

What a wonderful gift wrapping station you have. That would surely make life easier. I received that red toile round cookie tin last yr. and LOVED it. Do you know where it came from? I'd love to purchase some. I like your idea of having a signature gift wrap theme.
How are things coming in your new home and location?

Kara said...

My oh My, I am jealous... I would LOVE to be that organized, I dream of being that organized and have such delicious papers and boxes and bows!
Great ideas for wrapping for the "co-workers" in my life....
Miss ya!
Miss Kara

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Your gift wrap arsenal is wonderful. I love the idea of having everything out and available. You are so right, it's the thought that counts and not the actual gift..Did I spot toile curtains? Have a super day...
hugs ~lynne~

Unknown said...

Your gift wrap area is so beautiful. I am very inspired to find a way to incorporate those ideas in my work area. Oh Janice, you have me thinking..... Love it and your ideas.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Oh my...look how organized you are. Thanks for sharing such wonderful ideas.

Kathleen Ellis said...

I LOVE your gift wrap where can I put one of those?! Hmmm... great ideas, too. Where did you find the toile take out boxes and cookie tin? They are adorable!
I love to pretty up the gifts I give...the wrapping should be just as great as the gift!
Merry Christmas!

Sweetie said...

I just happened upon your blog. I am very impressed with your etiquette and social graces. My grandmother was a very classy lady who attended a private girls' school in the early 1900's and was taught to be a "lady." Everything was an event with her whether is was wrapping a gift or brewing tea. I thought that I would never see that again but I can see it in you. Thanks for making my day.

Nancy Rosalina said...

Miss Janice, That is the best gift wrap station I have ever seen!!!! I can tell you enjoy giving! I am really enjoying the book you sent me and I plan to do a post about it soon. Blessings to you, Nancy