Monday, April 27, 2015

Derby Wear and Hat Etiquette

It's Derby Week and I thought I'd share some cute Derby outfits with y'all.  I found these on the Instagram account of Monkee's of Louisville.  I love their Facebook and Instagram sites--they put together the cutest outfits...dress, hat, shoes, and pocketbook.

These are beautiful dresses by Laura Bernal! and paired with lovely Southern Belle-style hats.  The bigger the hat, the better!

Cute dresses, big hats, and LaRoque sashes.

Love the color combo of this out!  This outfit is just adorable!

A precious horsebit-pattern LaRoque dress with a darling fascinator.

This is a limited edition Derby LaRoque the pattern and the cute fascinator!

Hats and fascinators truly finish off a look and some feel that wearing a hat to the Derby will bring you good luck.  There's a debate as to whether you should choose the hat first or the dress.  I can't help y'all with that as I have been known to build an outfit around a belt, or a scarf, or a bracelet! 
Whatever you choose, be sure you follow proper headwear etiquette:

Wearing a hat:

  • Keep in the mind that your hat should frame your face, not overshadow it.  
  • Wear you hat on top of your head, not tilted back.  You may tilt your hat to the right.
  • Be sure you pull your hair off of your bangs with a hat.
  • Just in case it's a windy day, make sure your hat is secure on your head.
  • A lady does not need to remove her hat during the National Anthem, but you should remove it after 5 p.m.

Wearing a fascinator:

Kate Middleton definitely made the fascinator popular.  
File:Canada Ottawa William and Kate 2011.jpg
  • Notice that she wears it to the right side of her head, toward the front, and at an angle.  
  • Keep the fascinator in proportion to your head.
  • Keep your hairstyle simple.

    Whether you are actually going to the Kentucky Derby, attending a Derby party, or watching it on television with a mint julep in hand, enjoy the race y'all!  I'll be wearing my Derby-theme clothes all week.


Farrah said...

To me, I'm not a huge fan of fascinators. After being to the Derby, I don't think they are traditional, nor do they keep the hot sun off of your face. That dress on the bottom is SO cute!

Mona said...

Oooh, the Derby LaRoque dress is so adorable!

Kari said...

Oh goodness! The third dress photo! I'm swooning!
I know that women wearing baseball caps follow follow men's rules, with a few exceptions. Now, must a lady remove her fascinator after 5 P.M. since it has no brim?

Unknown said...

If only I lived closer to Kentucky. I would love to attend the derby!

Miss Janice said...

Farrah, I've only worn a petite fascinator on Halloween...hats are my preference.

Miss Janice said...

LaRoque dresses are adorable!

Miss Janice said...

Kari, A fascinator does not need to be removed in the evening.

Miss Janice said...

So would I Jenn!

Lady Caroline said...

I was always taught from a young age, that you should 'Never Ever' wear a hat whose brim extended past your shoulders. This rule sadly does not seem to be executed these days.

Kari said...

Thank you and thank goodness! I am having a small braid done under the spot where my fascinator ( first time I've worn one) will be secured. Having to remove it would be too awful.

Beaufort Belle said...

Miss Janice, please clarify for me... You should remove your hat after 5 and the Derby starts at 6. Should I remove my hat or not? Thank you and have a blessed weekend!

Miss Janice said...

Beaufort Belle,
The rule is 5 o'clock, but an exception for the Derby is appropriate!