Monday, January 19, 2015

Aidan Cares

Aidan Thomas Hornaday
I would like to introduce to y'all a friend of mine, Aidan Thomas Hornaday.  Aidan was honored this past Saturday evening at the 32nd Annual Martin Luther King Dinner and "Salute to Greatness Awards."

Let me tell you a little bit about this young boy.  He was 8 years old when he picked up his brother's dusty harmonica with no idea of how to play it.  The next day, waiting for his mother at a restaurant, he took off his cap and started playing, and got 80 unexpected dollars in tips "just for taking his hat off."  That night he decided to donate the $80 to fight intestinal parasites for African orphans. Soon after, someone heard about his act of charity and asked Aidan to tell his story at a medical conference, and Aidan Cares was born.  Aidan has played gigs and speaking appearances all over to make his dreams happen, from street corners to nursing homes to schools to convention centers to The Red Bar on 30A to Hard Rock Cafe and oh-so many gigs in between.  

His mission is to encourage parents and adults to model giving to the children in their lives.  "We are raising the most selfish generation in history and it can be so much better.  Parents are into giving their kids amazing experiences but forget to include helping people, the earth, or animals, whatever touches their heart as part of their job.  Chances are when they grow up, they will never make a difference.  They won't know how.  We want to change that by helping them find their passion and serve from their gifts."  This past Saturday evening, Aidan Hornaday was honored with the "Salute to Greatness Award, on the the Martin Luther King Center's highest honors...given to individuals and organizations in recognition of outstanding efforts toward building Dr. King's Beloved Community."
In the photo below, young Aidan is receiving his "Salute to Greatness" award from Dr. Bernice King.

Aidan's mother, Ms. Toren Anderson, President Bill Clinton, and Aidan celebrating at the awards dinner!

He is just the brightest and most giving young boy I've ever met.  It doesn't hurt that he is also absolutely adorable and very charismatic for his young age.


• Find your passion in giving. Share from that place. People, animals or the earth. Give to what matters to you. What makes your heart sing?
• Run TO need not FROM it! Define needs and go meet them. Include others, it's an
opportunity not an inconvenience.
• No matter how small an act of giving. BAM! You become a difference maker!
• Hang with givers. You are defined by those you run with and remember selfishness is a drag.
• No excuses. Giving and compassion need to be as much a part of your life as breathing, working, relationships. Living to Give will help you get through all of life, even the hardest times. Never give out, make it a part of you.
• Think of the world as a giant mosaic, it will never be complete without you. YOU matter.

Aidan is a boy on a mision teaching a generation to give.  "Dream big, help others."  Congratulations Aidan, you are truly an inspiration to everyone you meet!


Beaufort Belle said...

Such an inspirational young man. Thank you for sharing his story.

Miss Janice said...

Yes he is! You and your daughter are still in my prayers!

Dana said...

Thanks for sharing! What an inspiration to all of us.