Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Party

Today I'm entertaining a group of my husband's friends for Super Bowl XLVIII.  I set up the spread on the gaming table in his man cave...

He has a cottage above the garage with a studio area, full bath, and full kitchen.  It's the perfect spot to entertain a bunch of rowdy men!  So I spent Friday night and Saturday afternoon cleaning the place up...stocked the frig with beverages, dusted off the sports memorabilia, and cleaned the kitchen & bath area.

We are not fans of the Broncos or the Seahawks, BUT I do want to see Peyton Manning and his team win the Super Bowl!  So, today I'm wearing Broncos colors...J Crew Factory colored denim pants and matching cardi, Tory Burch 'Revas' and the 'Robinson' crossbody bag, and the orange gingham blouse is from LL Bean.

Super Bowl Party Menu
Deviled Eggs
Spinach Dip in Bread Bowl
Taco Cheese Ball
Guacamole Dip
Crab Dip
Caesar Pasta Salad
Potato Salad
Baked Beans
Gridiron Chili
Chicken Wings
Fit Sandwiches
Chocolate Cake

Last night I put the chili in the crock pot and let it simmer overnight.  It's delish!

Little green onion strips football-fied my deviled eggs.

Of course I had to serve the obligatory football-shaped cheese ball.  This taco cheese ball had quite the kick!

Wings, guacamole dip, and pigs-n-a-blanket...I definitely can't eat much tomorrow!

This Caesar Pasta Salad is delicious and was made in the deli at Publix!

I tried my first sliders out in Vegas last summer and they are now my go-to party food...all in moderation right?

I hear about these "Fit Sandwiches" all the time on The Biggest Loser show.  Well, they look good and taste even better!  

My Super Bowl cake looks so litttle...kinda hokey too.  Whatever.  I'll be having some of this chocolate cake later with my coffee!

Even though none of my favorite teams {Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints} made it to the big game, I'm still very excited to watch the game.  LET'S GO BRONCOS!


Mona said...

Oh Miss Janice say it isn't so! (hangs head) Not the Broncos. They were brutal to my KC Chiefs this season. (sniff-sniff) However, I must agree it does seem to be Manning's year. Doesn't mean I'll be cheering for the Broncos. (I'll be watching me a little Downton Abbey.)
Enough about football itself. Your man cave spread looks fabulous!! Love both the football shaped cheese ball, and the eggs! I do hope those rowdy men appreciate all of your efforts to fill their bellies. :)

Laura said...

You out did yourself, Miss Janice!! I know your husband appreciates your hard work and delicious food!!

Sue said...

What a spread! I can't wait to copy every thing for next year. I've already copied your Master golf tournament food ideas as well as several of your outfits. I kind of feel like I owe you a thank you note at least.
Thank you so much for sharing your sweet heart and talent Miss Janice

Miss Janice said...

Thank you Mona!

Miss Janice said...

Thank you Laura!

Miss Janice said...

Sue, you are very welcome!

Sonia said...

Wow nice Super Bowl party! Love all the fun recipes!
Your hubbie and friends must be enjoying the food so much!
Miss Bloomers

Dee Stephens said...

You went all out! Looks fabulous!

Alison Harriman said...

What a great idea, converting garage space so hubby can be off-site, so to speak. Your food looks wonderful Miss J. Could I ask you for your chilli recipe? I'm on the hunt for a good slow cooker one and yours looks delicious.

Wasn't that game awful though! I think someone set the Broncos to "slow".

Ali x

Miss Janice said...

Thanks Dee!

Miss Janice said...

Thanks! The chili is 4 lbs ground beef, canned diced tomatoes, canned tomato sauce, 2 pkgs slow cooker chili spice, canned kidney beans, cumin, garlic powder, and sautéed onions.

Miss Jane said...

It looks like a wonderful spread and I'm sure everyone enjoyed your food.
Most important, your outfit came before the menu, just as it should be!

Seersucker Sass said...

LOVE your Broncos themed outfit! The Broncos aren't my team either, but I will forever be a Peyton fan.

You are THE hostest with the mostest! I always look forward to seeing your spreads.

XX, SS ||

Monique Lehnhardt said...

Adorable. We love the Manning family here in Louisiana. Watched Downton instead since I'm not a football fan and generally don't like the halftime shows. I did hear the lovely rendition of the national anthem by Ms. Fleming. What a voice!

Miss Janice said...

Thanks Sonia. It was a great party but a boring game--for a Peyton Manning fan.

Miss Janice said...

Miss Jane,
Thank you. You know I love clothes and entertaining!

Miss Janice said...

Miss Seersucker Sass,
Thank you! I do love to entertain!

Miss Janice said...

Ms. Fleming delivered a fabulous rendition of our Anthem! If not for our guests, I would have switched to Downton.

Jennifer Kirlin said...

Thank you Miss Janice for using BellaGrey Designs Football Food Labels for your wonderful Super Bowl party! Everything looks GREAT!

MandySue said...

Your husband is so lucky!

Miss Janice said...

You are welcome Jennifer and than you!

Miss Janice said...

Mandy Sue,
Somedays :)