Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Southern Buffet

Southerners love a good buffet restaurant.  While I was in Georgia visiting my Mama, we went to the Ole Times Country Buffet.  Lord have mercy.  It's been awhile since I dined at a buffet-style restaurant and this one was very good!

The first thing you do after you pay the cashier, is get in line and pick up a clean plate.

At Ole Times, all the Southern favorite foods are offered...Chicken and Dumplings...

Fried food fest..chicken, okra, pork chops, fish, et cetera

Of course, delicious greens are served.

Homestyle creamed corn, butter beans, and black-eyed peas...

Mashed potatoes and beef gravy...

After you finished your main course, there is the dessert bar...

Peach cobbler, which is fabulous...

Banana pudding...Mama's favorite.

Buffet Etiquette:

~Use a clean plate for each return trip to the buffet line.

~Use the serveware provided to transfer food from the buffet dish to your plate.

~Don't eat your food while you are waiting in line.

~Don't break in line.

~Children should be accompanied at the buffet line by an adult.

~Food or beverages should not be taken from the restaurant...don't even ask!

~And...from the Ole Times Country Buffet notice "If it goes on your plate, please make sure it gets ate!"

I loved the Old Times Country Buffet and am giving them my "Miss Janice's 5 Silver Spoons Award" for good food, cleanliness, and friendly waitstaff.

I loved it and am giving the Old Times Country Buffet 5 silver spoons...

The Ole Times Country Buffet has restaurants throughout Georgia in Valdosta, Tifton, Douglas, Brunswick, Warner Robins, Macon, Dublin, and Lake City.

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Lori said...

I have a big problem with buffets. . .I always act like it's the Last Supper. I eat far too much, but omgosh the food is so good!!! I love a good Southern buffet.