Saturday, September 1, 2012

End of Season Outfits

I hope y'all are having a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  I've spent the entire day watching football, cooking, and organizing my Fall wardrobe.  I really didn't have a post planned for tonight, but thought y'all might like to see my last few outfits of the season.  I have a summer dress planned for church in the morning, then I'll be wearing my flip flops for the last time tomorrow night..."HERE' S WHAT I WORE" during the past couple of weeks.

Ralph Lauren Bermuda shorts, Ralph Lauren polo, red J Crew cardi, 'Love' bracelet, Ralph Lauren 'Bit' bracelet, red iPhone cover, Ralph Lauren 'Bit' headband, black grosgrain pony ribbon, Chanel chain belt, and a Ralph Lauren wristlet.

Pink Old Navy 'Rockstar' jeans, white tee, navy blue J Crew cardi, Gucci belt, Ralph Lauren wristlet, and Tommy Hilfiger ballet flats.

Black Ralph Lauren Bermuda shorts, white tee, white pony bow...all paired with Brighton loot--purse, slides, watch, necklace, bracelets, and earrings.  LOVE Brighton y'all!

I love these little capris for summer...I have had them forever and because of the ric rac trim, I just can't let them go!  A simple white tee and white Lilly mules, with pearls and a white pony bow help to make a rainy Isaac day much brighter.  Miss Coco was dressed to match her Mama with a monogrammed bandanna!

A real comfy outfit for summer...Ralph Lauren madras pants, Ralph Lauren OCBD, a Lacoste pony cap, and cute summer basket by Billie Ross of the Palm Beaches.  Again, Miss Coco is dressed in blue to match her Mama!

I wore this outfit for the road trip up to Mama's house in Georgia...these are precious flamingo-motif pants paired with a simple white tee and pink Lilly mules.  I added a silver monogrammed necklace, earrings, and ring, a pink pony bow, and carried my Queen Bea Designs basket purse.  Miss Coco traveled in style...wearing her pink and green monogrammed bandanna.

I wore this skirt, in the 'Croc Monsieur' pattern by Lilly, with a simple white tee, green J Crew cardi, pink and green monogrammed Bonanno sandals, a pink pony bow, my pearls and Rolex, and carried my pink monogrammed Lilly Bermuda Bag.  Miss Coco was accessorized with the 'Croc Monsieur' leash, collar, and bandanna!

Black Ralph Lauren Bermuda shorts, Ralph Lauren tee, Lacoste wristlet, Lacoste headband, black and white gingham pony ribbon, and monogrammed black gingham flip flops.

'Chilean Avenue' coveralls by Lilly, pink polo by Lilly, pony cap by Lilly, flip flops by Lilly, and a pink pony hair bow!

'Everglades Map' shift by Lilly, white Revas, white Bermuda Bag, white cardi, pink pony bow, and my 'Church Wrist stack'.

Shift by Appleseeds, slides and purse by Ferragamo, Chanel sunglasses, pearl necklace and earrings...

Gingham dress from Target, raspberry cardi by Lilly, pink monogrammed headband, pink wristlet from Ralph Lauren, and magenta Revas.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend...I'll be back on Tuesday with a giveaway!!


Marla said...

Love, love those pink jeans! Need to make a trip old navy!

Anita said...

I wore my white capris for the last time,, i think, but I do have pain putting up my flip flops!! but my mama said where what you want,,, she is 82 I might hang on to them for a while longer, you know here in GA it is HOT til Christmas!! love your pink jeans Miss Janice!!

A Preppy State of Mind said...

Love it, Miss Janice!! You look fabulous for the end of the season!

-Rachel @ A Preppy State of Mind

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

You look simply divine in all of those outfits!

Rosemary Grimm said...

Adorable- especially the red and blue.


Kathie Truitt said...

I love you in all of these outfits, however I must say you look absolutely FABULOUS in the red slacks and the cardigan.