Monday, April 9, 2012

Jack Rogers Time

It's time for me to start coordinating the Jack Rogers with my Spring outfits...they are the perfect preppy shoes to wear with Lilly!

Today I had a couple of appointments and then a bit of shopping to do. "
Skirt is 'Frisky Business' by Lilly, white tee, lime green cardi by Lilly, pink & green 'Navajo' sandals by Jack Rogers, 'Nantucket Lightship' pocketbook, silver monogrammed necklace and ring, 'Return to Tiffany' bracelet by Tiffany, 'Oyster Perpetual' watch by Rolex, Cartier 'Eternity' wedding band, pink grosgrain pony bow, Chanel 'Parfait' lipstick, Lilly 'Wink' cologne, and a pink iPhone cover.

Jack Rogers sandals are the perfect sandals to wear to the beach...with your preppy bathing suit and a cute cover-up. Check them out and 'Like em' on Facebook.
I love the 'Navajo' sandal, available in fabulous color combinations.
Of course, I also love the Jack Rogers sandals personalized with a monogram!
How would you like to win a new pair of 'Navajo' sandals by Jack Rogers? You still have time to enter and become "The Jack Rogers Girl of the Moment" giveaway by submitting photos of yourself wearing your Jacks. This giveaway will be going on until the end of April and the winner will be announced May 1st.


Donna said...

As always, an adorable outfit! I so enjoy reading your posts.

Tikaa Cone said...

Love your style. FaBUlOuS and ClaSsic. I'm addicted.

Success and smiles,

Kathleen Lisson, CSW said...

Love Lilly and Jack together. My monogrammed sandal order is already with Jack Rogers, so I am counting the days until they ship! Love your blog.

Kathleen Lisson said...

Love Lilly and Jack together!

Kathleen Lisson said...

Love Lilly and Jack together. I'm waiting by the mailbox for my monogrammed Jack's to arrive!