Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Coordinating Dessert With My Apron!

I've told y'all before how much I crack my on self up!!! That's all that matters, right? Why do I think I have to coordinate my food/beverages with my aprons? No idea! It's just me...

Over the weekend I served a light summer dessert to my out-of-town guests...Lemon Sorbet. Easy and refreshing!
I garnished the parfait glasses with a sprig of fresh mint, used my yellow gingham spoons, and provided bright yellow beverage napkins...served from a black wooden serving tray from Nell Hill's.
I bought this cute homemade apron from Barbara Bourjaily, owner of Pig and Company, a street vendor at the Spring Crafts Festival, in Mount Dora, Florida. You can visit her Etsy store HERE.

The latest edition to "Miss Janice's Prissy Apron Collection!"
Just keeping it Southern y'all--serving up hospitality...while wearing cute aprons and pearls!


Laura said...

Miss Janice, dear, you cannot post about such a cute, cute apron and just mention Lemon Sorbet! Can you post the recipe, too?

jeanie said...

I believe that's about the cutest apron I've ever seen! The Lemon Sorbet looks like the perfect desert for a day like we're having's 103 right now!

Annie said...

Hello Miss Janice,
I like the idea of coordinating the aprons and the colors of the menu/table. When things look nice it makes a meal nicer over all.It's a great idea.

Shelia said...

Only you, Miss Priss, would do this! But man, you do it good! Very sweet apron and the sorbet looks so good.
I'm having another Heart of the Home Party - show us your Roosters and Chickens next Tuesday and would love for you to come and show us your yard birds.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Miss Janice said...

Dear Laura,
The recipe for my Lemon Sorbet...Oh Lord, it's available in the frozen food section of your grocers! Whole Fruit, Fat Free, Lemon Sorbet. Delish!!!
Miss Janice

william said...

This is a very cute idea and you executed it perfectly, Miss Janice!


Hines-Sight said...

That's adorable. Have you met Janet with the Empty Nest? I think her blog is on my sidebar. Anyway, she makes couture aprons. Gorgeous. She's very talented.

I'm giving away a 31 apron on my blog right now. You could personalize Miss Janice on it if you won, but it only comes in two patterns per their fall catalogue.

Kathie Truitt said...

I love the way you coordinate and match everything. What a charming, wonderful, idea. It's things like this that make coming to your house special.