Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back-to-School Giveaway from 2 Preppy Girls

Let's celebrate the youngins going back-to-school! Today I'm partnering with 2PreppyGirls to host a back-to-school giveaway! Y'all probably know that I'm an affiliate of 2PreppyGirls and love the personalized and monogrammed products Miss Margaret offers.

The Preppy Pro Shop is now open at 2PreppyGirls and new items have been added for the preppy sport enthusiast.

Check out this Lacrosse Stick cute is this stick and cover?!

How about this Scout Sport Stick and Gear Backpack...ever-so preppy!
For all you ladies who golf...these club covers are cute in their pink and green-ess!!!

Whether you are going back-to-school or have a child going off to school, these items are a must-have for all prepsters! Surely y'all know you simply must write with a stylish pen and how prissy would it be to have your own monogrammed postage stamps???

First up for grabs is this personalized pen in a polka dot design. {You may personalize the pen with one initial or your name}
Or you may choose this trendy zebra design. {Again, you may personalize this with one initial or your name}

Although I already have some customized postage stamps--one set with my business logo & my website name and another set with me and Miss Coco wearing our Lilly, I liketa died when I saw these monogrammed stamps at 2PreppyGirls! Lord have mercy, I LOVE these. {Of course, these would be your "uppity stamps"...the kind you slap on that precious stationery you hoard to send correspondence to, well...not to be used for the power bill!!}

These stamps are USPS issued $.44 First Class 1 oz. stamps. They come in a sheet of 20 and you can choose the font design and color.

This is the circle font design...very preppy!
This is the formal, formal!
And, the script font...classic!
So, the lucky winner will be able to choose one (1) pen and one (1) sheet of stamps. Here are the rules for the giveaway:

~For one (1) entry, visit 2PreppyGirls and let me know in your comment your most favorite item on the site.

~For two (2) entries, "like" 2PreppyGirls on Facebook at:

~For three (3) entries, "follow" 2PreppyGirls on Twitter at:

~For four (4) entries, let me know if you are follower of my blog.

That is a total of four (4) possible entries!!!

This giveaway will close at midnight on August 22, 2011 and I will announce the winner on the 23rd! Good luck to y'all!


Princess Aurora said...

1. I LOVE the personalized Clipboards! Such a fun way to jazz up a boring work item!
2. I "liked" them many months ago :)
3. I "followed" them as many moons ago ;)
4. Via Google Reader I read Miss Janice Every day you post!

M.L.G. said...

Oh my goodness, Miss Janice these are the most adorable correspondence items I've ever seen! Thank you for this sweet giveaway. I hope your'e having a nice summer!

1) My favorite 2PreppyGirls item is the Formal Monogram postage stamps (in pink, green, yellow, or navy!)

(2) already "like" 2PreppyGirls on Facebook!

(3) I'm a twitter follower of 2PreppyGirls!

(4) of course, I'm a follower of your fabulous blog!!


Kimberly P. said...

1. My favorite item is the monogrammed houndstooth burgandy apron!
2. I like Preppy Girls on facebook (so many bloggers have been doing giveaways from them!)
3. I follow them on twitter.
4. I am a follower of your blog!

Hines-Sight said...

What a great giveaway. I think the stamps are a neat idea. I didn't know one could do that to stamps.

I follow you in google friends.

Erin said...

1. Love the clipboards, I think that as a teacher, I need one! I also love the turvis tumblers.
2. I 'liked' them!
3. I follow them!
4. I read your blog every day on google reader :)

lauren said...

1. Of all the great things on that website, I'm just dying for a monogrammed hat!
2. I follow 2PG on twitter.
3. You were the very first blog I started following when I got my account!

Jan@southernjunkin' said...

Love it! One of my favs is the cell phone case...just too cute!! And of course being a flipflop girl the CLOGS are perfect!!
I love your preppiness, I friended you long ago!!

DisneyCosmo said...

The personalized soap is such a cute hostess gift!
I liked them on FB.
Have been following them on Twitter for a while.
Definitely subscribe to your blog!

Thanks so much!

Lori said...

I follow of course. The stamps would be so fun to use.

Lori said...

And I would have to have one of the monogrammed aprons of course.

Lori said...

Sadly, I don't twitter or play facebook.

Emily said...

1) I LOVE the giant wall monograms, I will definitely be getting one upon my college graduation!
2) I have liked 2PreppyGirls quite some time ago on facebook
3) I follow them on twitter as well!
4) I follow your blog- and I just love it!!

what a great giveaway you are having!

suburban prep said...

What a wonderful site 2Preppy Girls.

I love the monogrammed clogs. Have loved them for sometime now.

I am a follower of your blog.

msgb245 at gmail dot com

ABC said...

1. I am dying for a car monogram! I also love any kind of monogrammed drink ware!
2. I "like" 2 Preppy Girls on Facebook
3. I follow them on Twitter
4. And I follow your blog!

Thanks, Miss Janice and 2 Preppy Girls, for a wonderful giveaway!

Dee Stephens said...

OMG! Love the site! My favorite are the monogrammed soaps!!!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

2 Great items! Thanks for hosting!

1. I'm lusting over the monogrammed clogs!
2. I like 2PG on Facebook
3. and follow on Twitter
4. And I am a faithful follower!

Cheers, Miss Janice!

Shannon said...

Love Love Love the personalized goodies featured!

Miss Janice-
I love checking in on your blog. It is always refreshing!

how i met your father blog said...

1. I just love the pink argyle monogrammed doormat! So adorable!
2. I like 2 Preppy Girls on Facebook!
3. I follow the Girls on Twitter!
4. I am a long-time follower of Miss Janice’s blog
Thanks so much for hosting such a great giveaway with such gorgeous items!!

Miss Lindsay said...

1) I love the decals... I would put one on everything that isn't moving if I could.
2) Already like 2PreppyGirls on FB
3) Following on Twitter
4) And of course I follow your blog!
How amazing are the stamps!!

Hillcrest Acres said...

What a fabulous giveaway!!! The stamps are adorable.

1. I love the Scout Monogrammed Weekender Bag from their website.

2. I'm a follower of your fabulous blog.

Simply Sara said...

I love the new pink dog totes!!! Fav new item!!!

Simply Sara said...

Already like 2 preppy girls on Facebook

Sara Haga Gore

Simply Sara said...

I follow 2 preppy girls on twitter!!

Simply Sara said...

And I follow your wonderful blog!!

Mrs. Kindergarten said...

Oh yippeeee, back to school loot! Now being the teacher, I have to say I love the clipboards, but my favorite items are the aprons! And now you know I am a follower! As for twitter and facebook, they are simply not appropriate for a public educator. So 2 entries for good old Mrs. Kindergarten please. And thank you very kindly for the opportunity Miss Janice and 2 Preppy Girls!

Mrs. Kindergarten

Maysie O. said...

My favorite item on their site is the personalized cutting boards. Would look oh-so-fabulous in my new apartment!

Maysie O. said...

I liked 2PreppyGirls on Facebook.

Maysie O. said...

I also follow them via twitter!

Maysie O. said...

And I am a longtime follower of your blog! Thank you so much for this giveaway.

Whitney said...

I LOVE the license plates! Too cute!

Whitney said...

I 'liked' 2PG months ago on FB!

Whitney said...

I am a loyal follower of yours as well!

Susan Branch said...

Had to come visit you! Need to know you better! I love your outfit in 1980, think I have something like it in my closet now! Have a wonderful day!

linda said...

Love the mongrammed hat so much, bought one for my daughter!

Sarah said...

1. I love the monogrammed candles!
2. I like 2PreppyGirls on Facebook.
3. I'm your follower!

Curtains In My Tree said...

Oh please put me in the drawing

1st I love those momogramed clogs

2nd only have you book marked

3rd love the stamps


Curtains In My Tree said...

4th I looked and I an a follower !!!!!! of you Ms Janice

Janice Dauksch

jeanie said...

Love the dragonfly insulated tumbler.
I 'Liked" them on facebook.
Don't really understand twitter, or I would follow them
I have been a follower of Miss Janice for some time now, can't have my morning coffee without checkin out your blog!

Pastor Ali said...

Miss Janice,

I love your blog. It really and truly brightens my day. :)

1. My favorite item on 2PreppyGirls is the Monogram Apron in pink with the little green fish on it. My maiden name is Fisher, and I'm from Destin, FL, so fishin' is in my blood! (And I'm a Southern Preppy girl through-and-through!)

2. I just "liked" them!

3. I am not on Twitter yet... :/

4. I follow you avidly and look forward to reading every post!

Thanks so much for all your wit and wisdom!

xx Ali

DanainDFW said...

I love the stainless travel mug - I can so see myself with that one in carpool line.

I "liked" 2 Preppy Girls on FB, and...

I found your blog almost a year ago.

Thanks so much!