Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pageant Coach - Kim of Queens

Oh my goodness...there's a new show on Lifetime Network that is right up my alley!  It's Kim of Queens.  Last week's show was the premier and if you missed it, you can watch the first episode here.  It will be televised on the Lifetime Network on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET.

The star of the show is Kim Gravel, former Miss Georgia 1991, who is one of the country's most successful pageant coaches.  Her business near Atlanta helps feature beauty queens.  Kim lives to polish local girls into future leaders...able to take the crown and rule the world.  She tries to transform unpolished young Southern girls into beauty queens.  It is her mission to find "diamonds in the rough" and transform them into confident young women.

Kim has worked for Revlon and Christian Dior as a make-up artist and in 2009 she launched her own boutique cosmetic line, Beloved Beauty.

Kim is assisted in her business by her Mama Jo...a prissy Southern lady and a former beauty contestant herself!

Her younger sister Allisyn is her assistant too..and is also a former pageant girl.  Miss Allisyn is sassy and loves to bedazzle everything!

Kim Gravel was only 16 when she won the title of Miss Georgia!

I think this must have been her talent competition gown.

Kim in the bathing suit competition...probably wearing a Catalina suit!  Look at her long legs y'all!

Y'all can read more about Kim at her website here and she also has a Facebook page here.


Dee Stephens said...

Super fun! I'll have to check this one out! When I was pageants back in the 1990's my coach was a woman out of Leland, MS named Mary Francis Flood. My Mom and I were talking about her the other day wondering if she is still alive. She was in her 70's back then.

Kari said...

Mama Jo is the real deal! Isn't she lovely! She has what separates southern women from all the others: genuine sweetness and charm that
just radiates! Even though her
pageant days may be in the past, she's still a winner.

Lori said...

I saw something very briefly about her and her tv show, but didn't know what it was all about. I will watch it for sure. Sounds very interesting!

What Kate Wore said...

Oh, Miss Janice, this is *so* perfect, I've been hunting for a new show!
Sending you a smile,

Kathie Truitt said...

I haven't watched the show but will have to. It doesn't look to pleasing in the reviews. I remember when being a pageant queen required 'queen-like' behavior. If you had the honor of winning a title you were expected to behave more like Grace Kelly. Now every where I look on facebook I see them doing sexy selfies, scantily-clad and well...trashy. I judged a woman in a Mrs. Pageant only to see her on facebook every weekend at a bar with all her girlfriends. Being a title holder doesn't really hold the glory it used to. The Miss America Pageant has held true to it's values but people would still rather watch Miss USA.

Alison said...

I'm not sure what I think about beauty pageants. I know I agree with one of the previous posters who feels too many of the contestants lack dignity and decorum. I can't begin to imagine how difficult it is to coach some of the young women of today, so credit to the ladies who take on the task.


Miss Jane said...

I watched my first episode tonight and loved it! Kim has a great personality and wonderful presence. I'll withhold a review on the show until I've seen a few more episodes.

Stacy Knight said...

I stumbled onto Kim's show the other night and watched several episodes. I loved it! She has tons of personality and is just a hoot. I can't wait to see more. Or, maybe I'll be lucky enough to run into Kim, I live in the same town as Pageant Place - Suwanee, GA!!

Stacy Knight said...
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Tammy Tousant said...

I just love the show it is so emotional and she really cares about her girls and their feelings. Keep up the great work kim!!!

Tammy Tousant said...

"I just love the show!" its very emotional and Kim just really cares about her girls and that means alot!!"keep up the great work Kim u deserve all good compliments and more!!!

Amanda Hudson said...

I do love the show. I also do want to point out that Kim was 19, and not 16 when she won Miss Georgia. You must be 18, or turning 18 in your reigning year to compete in the pageant. She was still one of the youngest ever! I think that what she is doing with these girls AKA her "projects" is boosting their self confidence dramatically.

Tammy Tousant said...

Great work keep it up and u will fly with the stars!!!