Sunday, January 5, 2014

Awaiting Downton Abbey

What a fabulous way to kick off the start of National Hot Tea Month!  9 pm ET is the premiere of the 4th season of Downton Abbey!  I am hoping that there won't be any more sadness on the show this season.  

No football for me tonight...and I better not be interrupted!

Oh how I love the British-style wait staff servers.

The posh life...dining with others who have impeccable table manners and seated at a table with exquisite place settings.  They are so very proper!

I'm patiently awaiting the lovely costume designs.

 For those of you who might be having a "Proper tea," this is the correct place setting for taking tea at the dining table.  The hostess pours the tea for each guest and serves them individually from the right-hand side.  Teacups & saucers are never passed around the table.  After all the guest have been served tea, the hostess serves herself and the tea begins.

If you chose to take your tea at the coffee table while viewing the show, this "Low tea" place setting that I featured during last year's premier show would be appropriate.

I have already set up the coffee table for my "Low tea" tonight.  I'll be having a decadent chocolate croissant and the "Florence" tea from Harney and Sons.  This a wonderful black tea with nut and chocolate my favorite teas.  I will also be having a bit of champagne!

Y'all have a wonderful week!


Donna said...

I cheated and found out what happens.
I'm sorry to tell you, there is some sadness, but it finally turns out ok


Alison said...

Season Four and the two hour Christmas special has come and gone here in England. I wouldn't miss it for the world either! I hope you enjoy.

Ali x

MandySue said...

Yay! Happy New Year to you Miss Janice. I just love that you have tea the oh so proper way at home.

Miss Jane said...

Miss Janice you're very brave. After they killed off Matthew, I decided I was pretty much done with the sadness (not to mention the devious Miss O'Brien & Thomas). I hope you enjoy the new season!
All the best,

CailinMarie said...

oh I do love Downton Abbey and thank you for tea tutorial. I must admit however, I am still catching up on Season 3 so no spoilers please!