Monday, September 9, 2013

Miss America Pageant Returns to Atlantic City

Preliminary competition is underway this week for the Miss America 2014 pageant.  The pageant is back in Atlantic City after being held in LasVegas since 2005.  The program began in 1920 as a bathing suit review that was a way to drum up business for the Jersey shore resort after Labor Day.

Miss America is long recognized as a scholarship pageant stressing the importance of academic achievement and talent, with talent counting for 35% of the judging, interview 25%, fitness 15%, evening gown 20%, and on-stage question 5%.  So, what to expect for talent this year???

27 vocalists
15 dancers
5 pianists
3 violinists
3 baton twirlers

The pageant will be broadcast live on Sunday, September 15, from 9-11 p.m. (EST) on ABC.  There will be a special 20/20 program preceding the pageant on ABC at 8pm..."Miss America and It's History."
53 ladies vying for the coveted crown of Miss America 2014

Pretty ladies with sashes and crowns!

Mallory Hagan was just crowned Miss America 2013 at the pageant in Las Vegas in January of this year.  She will only reign for eight months because of the traditional September pageant date in Atlantic City.
Mallory Hagan, Miss America 2013

I'll definitely be following the prelims this week and I look forward to picking a winner on Sunday night.  Chris Harrison of Bachelor/Bachelorette will host and Lara Spencer of Good Morning America will be the co-host.

Who will walk that 50 foot runway?  Unfortunately, she will not be serenaded to the iconic song "There She Is Miss America," due to a dispute with family members of the deceased songwriter.  Boo hoo!


Merry Wife said...

I remember reading in "A Southern Belle Primer" that no baton twirler has ever won the Miss America title. Maybe this will be the year. :)

Donna said...

Interesting breakdown on the talent categories... Miss Janice, were you ever a pageant contestant?

Miss Janice said...

Yes I was in a pageant when I was young. It was NOT pretty but I'm still a pageant junkie!

Mimi said...

In my little neck of the woods, we have a very special interest in the pageant this year ~ a granddaughter of one of our friends from church is Miss South Carolina, Brooke Mosteller. Of course, we'll be watching and cheering her one as well as the home state girl, Miss Georgia.

Kari said...

I wish the Miss America judges would stop and consider what exactly twirling is all about. These girls represent their colleges with pride and spirit and perform with confidence and enthusiasm. As well as sporting events, they perform in civic events such as parades and at various charitable events. They perform for huge crowds, under all sorts of weather conditions, and when things don't sometimes go as planned, they continue on
with poise, grace and a smile! All while maintaining their
GPAs and supporting their sororities,. Sounds like good
Miss America material to me.

Monique Lehnhardt said...

If feel bad for the 2013 Miss America that her reign is being cut short. Doesn't seem fair to her.i was also sad to see Miss Kansas is covered with tattoos. She sounds like a very accomplished young lady but I'm not a fan of encouraging young women to use their bodies for graffiti.

Suburban Charm said...

I thought of you this morning when it was all over the news that Miss Kansas will be showing off her tattoos during the swimsuit competition....what do you think? I am not a fan and can't imagine a tattoo'd Miss America...although many young women have them.

Donna said...

Re: tattos; you wouldn't put s bumper sticker on a Ferrari.

Donna said...

Re: tattos; you wouldn't put s bumper sticker on a Ferrari.