Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Leopard Print Love

Ten years ago, I was crazy about leopard print.  Of course, I used it everywhere and eventually a few years later I got burned out with it.  Little by little all the leopard throws, pillows, and fashion accessories that I owned were either given to charities or sold in a garage sale.

And now...I'm back loving leopard print again!  Here are a few ways I have added it to my outfits, et cetera:

I mixed tortoise with a leopard print Tory Burch phone case to accessorize an outfit...the ballet flats, tee, and wrist cuff are J Crew Factory  and the wristlet is Tory Burch.

I wore poppy J Crew Factory denim pants and a camel cardi with my leopard print scarf {the scarf is from Belk's}.  The poppy ballet flats with bling are from Target.

Leopard print loafers are popular now and I chose to buy the Target loafers for about $20.  The camel denim pants and black gingham blouse are from Ralph Lauren.  The denim jacket is from The Gap {15+ years ago}.  The tortoise necklace is from The Snappy Turtle and the rhinestone necklace is from Target.  The Louis Vuitton purse is the "Eva Clutch."

Love these loafers and they will probably be my fall go-to shoes!  Tee - J Crew Factory.  Bling necklace - Brina Box.  Bling earrings - Belk's.  IPhone case - Kate Spade.  Nail polish "Holiday" - Chanel.  "Eva Clutch" - Louis Vuitton.

Of course, I have a leopard print hot pink and leopard print together!

I found this cute leopard print cardi in the girl's department at Target.  I liked this pattern more than the one they offer in the women's department and the xlarge was a good fit for me {on sale $15}.  Pink denim pants - Old Navy.  Sunglasses - Chanel.  Black belt - Celine.  Ballet flats - Chanel.

There are several very cute {and pricey} leopard print clutches around, but I chose this cute clutch from The Gap.  I think I paid about $30 for it and it's too cute!  Necklace - Brina Box.

Of course I have a leopard print cosmetic case...from Forever 21 {under $10}.  All makeup - Chanel.

I added a Brina Box bling necklace to this cute blouse from Forever 21.

Today I wore a skinny leopard print belt {from J Crew} with a white oxford cloth button down and jeans.  Again, I paired the print with pink...Tory Burch {fuchsia} ballet flats, a Lilly Pulitzer cardi, and a Tory Burch wrist cuff.

A couple of weeks ago, I used a leopard print take-out box to hold a thank-you gift.

Okay, so I'm gonna stop with the leopard more leopard print in my shopping bags!  


Cottage Dreaming and Flea Market Wishes said...

you look adorable in leopard print!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

You're quite a "wild woman" Miss J! Lovin' your leopard look.

Mona said...

I recently read that leopard print is the new neutral. I like the way you've it to your wardrobe.

linda said...

Sooo cute!

The Silver Bunny said...

I loooove this post !

Donna said...

Love all your outfits posted! Think I need to do some shopping. Thanks for all the inspiration!

Merry Wife said...

Very cute, Miss Janice!

sparrowsandsparkles said...

Love leopard! Very cute combos :) I have the same Eva clutch and use it so much - especially great when traveling!

Suburban Charm said...

LOVE the hot pink and leopard outfit!!! I have always loved leopard...on other people...but last year I "stepped out of my box" and got a leopard pencil skirt that I wear with a black cashmere turtleneck....this year I added some leopard flats to my wardrobe and I love to wear them with jeans. I am going to have to try my leopard with pink...which is my FAVORITE color. You have fabulous taste!!!

Miss Jane said...

You certainly know how to do animal prints correctly! I love all the outfits you've shown us in your post. I have some leopard print shoes and I just don't wear them enough. I love the blue gingham shirt outfit, you've given me the incentive to pair the shoes with more things in my closet.

Lori said...

I love how you put together your outfits. I'm sure you were the envy of every woman who saw you in those outfits!

Kari said...

Love everything you've put together.
Leopard print is a classic. From today's top designers of fashion to the fabulous homes of Europe's phenomenally rich, the print exudes a luxe life vibe. Love it.

Mimi said...

Pretty, pretty ~ just like you, Miss J! It was Miss J's pumpkin butter time on the Acre a few weeks ago and every morning when I'm having it on a little biscuit and drinking my pumpkin spice coffee I think of you. Thanks again for sharing that recipe!

Isabel said...

Love all the outfits you have put together!