Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cranberry Chutney

Cranberry Chutney!

What is Chutney?  Chutney is a relish originating in India made with fruits and spices.  The Chutney preserved the fruit itself so that it could be eaten out of season and it also acted as a cooling condiment to tone down the hot and spicy flavor of Indian curries.

Taste of Gourmet's Cranberry Chutney is a sweet flavorful condiment filled with whole cranberries and spices to serve with roast turkey, chicken, or pork.  You can mix a little of the Chutney into chicken salad or spread it on sliced turkey/ham sandwiches.

A great party food treat:  Cover the top of a Brie cheese with the Cranberry Chutney, wrap it in pastry, and bake until brown.

It is wonderful mixed with cream cheese as a bagel spread.  Just add 2-3 tblsp Cranberry Chutney to 8 oz. cream cheese at room temperature.  Spread on warm bagels and enjoy!

This Cranberry Chutney is my Taste of Gourmet "Product of the Month" during November.  TOG has a "Product of the Month" each month...a fundraising project to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Purchasing the Cranberry Chutney during the month of November will generate a $1 donation to St. Jude Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.  The hospital is devoted to research and treatment toward eliminating chronic childhood diseases like leukemia and is the only childhood cancer research center designated by the National Cancer Institute. 

It's time to start thinking about hostess gifts for the holidays.  Food is a gift of love.  We all have to eat y'all!  Stock your entertaining pantry and gift closet while making a donation to St. Jude.  A 12 oz jar of the Cranberry Chutney is only $8.95.  This is delish y'all and will make a great hostess gift during the holidays.  Just take your hostess a jar of Chutney and some bagels that she can enjoy the next morning.  You can order the Chutney from me HERE.  

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Kari said...

Mad for cranberry chutney and so pleased St. Jude's will benefit. What a delightful and unique addition to our Christmas baskets!

Donna said...

Love cranberries...the chutney sounds yummy.