Monday, September 16, 2013

Nina Davuluri, Miss America 2014

Congratulations to Nina Davuluri, Miss America 2014.  The 24 year-old Miss New York beat out 52 other contestants to win the coveted crown and at least $50,000 in scholarship cash.  She is a graduate of the University of Michigan and hopes to become a physician like her father.

Nina looking stunning in the "Shoe parade."  That love love!

Her canary-yellow evening gown was perfection.

Nina rocked her zebra-print bikini in the bathing suit completion.  She said that she has battled bulimia in the past and lost approximately 60 pounds before winning the title of Miss New York.

I absolutely loved her talent--a classical Bollywood fusion dance.  Nina traveled to LA to train with Nakul Der Mahajan, a choreographer for the "So You Think You Can Dance" television show.

Unfortunately, as soon as the tiara was placed onto her beautifully coiffed hair, social media was abuzz with racist attacks in the fact that she was the first woman of Indian descent to ever win Miss America...calling her names such as  "Miss 7-11."  This is so ridiculous.  

Responding to the remarks, she said, "I have to rise above that.  I have always viewed myself as first and foremost American."

I'll admit that going into the competition, I was hoping Miss Georgia would take home the crown.  Although Miss Georgia is incredibly beautiful, her talent was lacking.  In my opinion, Nina scored 10's at every stage of the competition.  She deserves the win and I look forward to following her reign!


Merry Wife said...

She's stunning! Congrats to her!

Monique Lehnhardt said...

I agree that I would have liked Miss Georgia to win. She was by far the most beautiful but appeared nervous when she sang. Miss Mississippi was the most accomplished but didn't get as much attention. I think it's unfortunate that our new Miss America has been quoted as making a derogatory comment about the 2013 winner's weight. If it is true, that isn't appropriate. If it isn't true, then shame on the ones passing the rumor.

Donna said...

The new Miss America is gorgeous. I wish her all the best during her reign.

Suburban Charm said...

Unfortunately I was not able to watch...I did find out that the new Miss America graduated from my high school in Michigan though!

What a sad commentary on our society if people truly are making such derogatory comments about her.

Kari said...

Many of the girls were a bit too glitzy for my taste. Glitzy in a Las Vegas way rather than in an endearing pageant way. Fine for miss Universe. But Miss America should be ( pardon me for sounding like a fossil in my own time) ladylike. A lady was well as a woman.
Miss Mississippi here.

Gramspearls said...

Miss Janice,
As always, you set the example of graciousness. We all had our favorites, but that's what makes it fun....the best contestant won! There's always a next year to cheer on one's favorite. (I was with you on Miss Georgia and I loved Miss Oklahoma)

Warmly, Kathleen

Anonymous said...

America is a culturally diverse nation and has been for at least a couple or three centuries. :) Miss America reflects this and I say congratulations to the beautiful Miss Davuluri.

Ali x