Friday, January 4, 2013

January is National Hot Tea Month

I'm stepping back away from the Starbucks cups for now and sippin' some hot tea.  January is National Hot Tea month and even though I'm in warm, sunny Florida, I still enjoy tea in the morning.    I'm definitely getting back on my "Clean Living Diet" and tea is the perfect beverage to add to a healthy meal, whether it's hot tea or iced tea. Tea has so many health's high in polyphenols, a type of anti-oxidant that may protect our cells from the DNA damage that can cause many diseases. Harney Tea is by far my favorite tea and this morning I'm enjoying some of their Florence tea.  It's a flavored black tea, with hazlenut and chocolate flavors.   

Back in 2009, I blogged all about tea during the entire month of January.  If you search my archives, you will find blog posts about The History of Tea, The Health Benefits of Tea, Steeping Tea, Times for Tea, Tea Accoutrements, Styles of Tea Service, Tips to Remember at the Tea Table, and Tea and Dining Etiquette.

Now is the perfect time to have tea with children and teach them how to behave at the table.

"Children's Tea and Etiquette" by Dorothea Johnson, John Harney, and Ann Noyes is the perfect book for those want to breed good manners in young minds...You'll find everything you need to know about children's tea and etiquette...from the the thank-you notes!

Ms. Johnson has also written another book...with Bruce Richardson, "Tea and Etiquette."  This book is a must-read for those who take tea for business or pleasure.  It includes chapters on tea history, tea and health information, hosting an afternoon tea at home, tea faux pas, guest duties at a social tea, going out to tea, business tea etiquette, finessing the food at tea, tea types, steeping guides, and recipes.

Please join me and lift your teacups during January to toast National Hot Tea month.  Remember, tea is considered the beverage of go steep some tea!


Donna said...

I always learn something when I read your blog. It has been so cold here in central Indiana that hot tea sounds marvelous. Homemade mushroom soup is simmering on the stove right now and a cup of tea would be a good accompaniment.

Maggie said...

For me, every month is hot tea month!

Elle's Parisian Chic Blog... said...

Great blog!

Happy New Year, Elle